Local JPII CHS Standout, Teresa Conroy, Stays “On Par” and Commits to University of North Florida

Local JPII CHS Standout, Teresa Conroy, Stays “On Par” and Commits to University of North Florida

By: Austin Mall

On Tuesday, November 17, Teresa Conroy, a senior at John Paul II Catholic High School, committed to study and play golf at the University of North Florida. Approximately 40 community members comprised of family, friends, students, faculty, and coaches joined Teresa to celebrate the momentous day.

JPII Athletic Director, Ken Silvestri, kicked off the event by reminding attendees of all that Teresa has meant to the school. Silvestri pointed out that while many athletes may leave their mark on a program, Teresa helped start the girl’s golf team.

After mentioning Teresa’s many golf accomplishments, Silvestri emphasized those areas outside of golf, specifically her grades and extra-curricular activities, which make the school especially proud.

Following Silvestri’s comments, Teresa’s father, Mr. Bruce Conroy, brought laughs and special significance to the event in a manner that only a father can do.

Mr. Conroy began by asking the audience, “Do you guys know how many golfers it takes to screw in a light bulb?” After a moment of silence, Mr. Conroy yelped, “FORE!” Mr. Conroy continued captivating the audience’s attention by describing Teresa’s introduction into golf and the success she enjoyed at a young age.

But despite Teresa’s early successes, Mr. Conroy said, “Ultimately, you reach a point in any sport where it kind of gets hard, then it comes down to a decision: do you put in some work and effort because nobody just hands it to you and says you are going to be really good.” Mr. Conroy is proud that Teresa made that decision to work hard, and he is excited for the opportunities awaiting his daughter at North Florida, where as an Osprey, Teresa will practice at premier golf facilities, among them TPC Sawgrass.

With much to be proud of, Mr. Conroy said that he is most proud of Teresa for depending on what he called “The Secret Weapon”. Mr. Conroy described those who have the secret weapon by saying, “If you have come to love Christ and His Church, then you have that ‘secret weapon’.” Mr. Conroy affirmed his daughter for praying before she played her matches, saying that faith is not something else she does, faith is what she does. Mr. Conroy closed by thanking all those who helped Teresa, including her teamates and coaches.

The event ended when Teresa Conroy signed her national letter of intent. As a community newspaper, we are proud of Teresa, and we hope to continue covering her journey.

*Please note, the author of this article is a paid faculty member of John Paul II Catholic High School.

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