Stewart’s Blog: Mayor Andrew Gillum: “I Don’t Give Quotes to Tallahassee Reports”

Stewart’s Blog: Mayor Andrew Gillum: “I Don’t Give Quotes to Tallahassee Reports”

This past week, Tallahassee Reports had the help of an intern in covering local news. The intern, who shall remain nameless, had significant experience. He had a four year degree in journalism and was working on a Masters degree. He had also worked as an intern with an NPR affiliate in South Florida.

TR was excited to have him here….until he met Mayor Andrew Gillum.

Here’s what happened.

TR’s intern was covering the City Commission meeting last week and at its conclusion asked Mayor Gillum to comment on a couple of the meeting topics.

The response from the Mayor of the Capital city of the fourth largest state in our union was, “I don’t give quotes to Tallahassee Reports.”

The intern, wise beyond his years, told me he had never experienced such unprofessional behavior from an elected official.

Welcome to Tallahassee! How embarrassing.

It is obvious to me, and others they do not have the courage to say it in public, Andrew Gillum is in over his head as the Mayor of our city.

It is no secret that he does not like to get questions about the under the radar activities he is involved in.

Now it is true that Tallahassee Reports does not coddle Mr. Gillum like some of the beat reporters from other local news organizations. And we never will.

As a news organization we would like to get input from our Mayor on issues. Input like we get from other elected officials. But TR will never compromise our reporting to ensure an elected official is nice to us.

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  1. Ok Hogdriver how about this to be “specific”

    Any man that spends “private” money to get elected to a “public” office clearly does it for “personal” gain. So I ask you this…At what point did becoming a “public servant” turn into a avenue to “personal” gain? Clearly the problem with our political system…if they were all truly “public servants” none of these positions would offer a paycheck/and or benefits…And as you asked, there is the “SPECIFIC” problem.

    So before you open your own wallet and start handing out your hard earned money, Why don’t you “SPECIFICALLY” ask “what happened to the wisdom of knowing the difference between wrong and right”?????

    Wake up and join the educated you idoit

  2. The Mayor got what he wanted from his stance….an interview on CNN. What an egotistical jackass!!! Enjoy showing your 2 minutes of fame to your children.

    1. I wouldn’t entertain questions from this fake news website either- it is fun for the entertainment- but half of it is made up and the other half exaggerated. Talking with the fools that represent is just a waste of good air.

      1. It’s easy to make acquisitions. How about being specific about what is made up or exaggerated? Oh… that’s right, like most liberals, let’s not confuse you with the facts.

  3. The Mayor of Tallahassee does not speak for any of the BIBLICIAL Christians nor BIBLICAL Jews of solid values in Tallahassee

  4. Steve Stewart is just butthurt that he didn’t get elected for mayor when he ran a few years ago, and that he lost again when he ran against Nancy Miller last year. Here was his statement last year when he lost, “Obviously, I severely over estimated the concern of the community on the issues I thought were important. I would like to thank my supporters, especially the police officers who provided much inspiration during this campaign. They clearly deserve better than they are getting from the City of Tallahassee – I hope that changes. Thanks again.”

    What a whiner. Stop pretending this website is anything more than an attempt to undermine the current elected officials to prepare for another run. If this site were not an absolute joke of a news site maybe Gillum would have taken you more seriously.

        1. Thank you for helping make my point. I am not resorting to ignorant name calling and hiding from it. If I did that would be cowardly. i just found the humor of a reader going to lengths to accuse Mr. Stewart of such things as well as resorted to name calling yet the coward remained anonymous. Still laughing….

  5. This man is so bought and paid for even worse that Marks. The city just continues to act like it is a Monarchy. Is Marks cooperating with the feds to stay out of jail?

  6. Given the continued incompetence of City Halls leadership, I feel now is the time to start the process for COT to sell off its Electric Utilities and all assets that profit revenue is gained from,

    At a minimum an impact study should be conducted and the financial gain from the sale of the Utilities should be limited to critical need items. Where are the other cities in America that own their own utilities. The minute the COT Money Mint goes away the vagabonds as useless city jobs will too (as will any more outlandish projects). The City would be forced to operate under a budget, not an endless money press.

  7. Maye the new intern journalist could have responded, “Thank you for that quote Mr. Mayor.”
    Then walked away and written a report suggesting a number of possible different meanings of that statement. Such as:
    1. I can not say anything without consulting my handlers first.
    2. I only answer questions I have had a chance to review ahead of time.
    3. I can not think on my feet fast enough to give a spin to my answers.
    4. I hesitate to answer that question because I am in a position way above my pay grade and I just need to plead the fifth amendment.
    I am sure a trained journalist should be able to come up with any number of other meanings to that response from a “public servant”.

  8. Who will pay for these refugees? Gov Scott says the State won’t pay. We just increased taxes a bunch just to cover essential services. Can the city afford to bring in more non-taxpaying people? I see taxes going up again.

  9. Tallahassee may actually be a sanctuary city. Here’s why I say that. It has come out recently that the Catholic Church receives funding from the US government to assist in settling recent immigrants. There is a Catholic Charity on Roberts Avenue that does just that. So, while the public is unaware, immigrants are being quietly settled here with assistance from the Catholic Church. Read the articles and see which churches the illegal immigrants go to for sanctuary and refuge. The biggest problem that I have with this is that just like the State governments found out, the US government doesn’t give anything away. Eventually, the Catholic Church will come to rely on this funding, and the US government bureaucrats will use money to get whatever they want…just like the States found out….you want money for roads? You have to pass this legislation. The Catholic Church has made a deal with the devil.

      1. Blessed Mr. Sims,
        May I draw your attention to the Tower of Babel. As I recall, that didn’t work out so well. Charity begins at home. Until I see the poor and the African American community in the USA supported, educated and lifted up, I can’t support bringing in other needy people.

        1. I will even go so far as to say, what right do we have to take any group of people away from their homeland so that they can clean our hotels, work at Walmart and serve fast food to fat Americans. Every construction site that I see has Latino labor. What about them? Should they just shut up and be happy to do our dirty work? Sounds like a new adaptation of slavery to me.

  10. Is Tallahassee a sanctuary city? Tlh Reports should talk to the Police Chief and the Sheriff’s department about their policy regarding ICE detainers.

  11. People that are shocked at what we see from this mayor should stop and remember this has all happened on a much bigger stage, but has been run to perfection here:

    An unknown and under qualified candidate runs a campaign and is funded and scripted from Washington (under the banner of People for the American Way), gets elected by an ignorant and or uninvolved electorate. The mayor then begins to operate in whatever manner suits his fancy by ignoring any laws, checks and balances. He spends money that is not his (in private sector this might be called embezzlement or at the least misappropriation). The mayor is ignoring the citizens (that he should be serving), and is now dictating his vision of our city without our consent, and fully in opposition to the governor.

    Does this remind you of the game plan of our current president at all?

    Votes DO matter!

    1. No one else really ran, and how was he unknown or under qualified? He had been on the city commission for over 10 years. The people who pay attention knew who he was, and liked him enough to mount real opposition.

  12. On line Democrat article quotes him indicating Tallahassee is a sanctuary city. When dud that happen? And, we can’t help our own cituzens’ health, safety and welfare!

  13. He seems to have more problems with his part-time socialist job as mayor than his full-time socialist job as a George Soros busy bee.

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