BREAKING NEWS: Mayor Gillum Appears Live on CNN, Takes Tallahassee National with Syrian Refugee Issue

BREAKING NEWS: Mayor Gillum Appears Live on CNN, Takes Tallahassee National with Syrian Refugee Issue

Mayor Andrew Gillum appeared live on CNN this morning to talk about his position, or the City of Tallahassee’s position, he did not delineate, on the Syrian refugee issue. See the full interview  here.

We will have more on this story later this weekend.

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  1. This city is forever lost as all other progressive capital cities are. 30% of the electorate is black, and 40% of the white electorate is hard-core progressive. This is similar to the one-party rule during Jim Crow days and the corrupt good ole’ boy system back then. These are the new “progressive” good ole’ boys and girls. The ends justify the means. I regret tremendously building within city limits and cannot wait to get out of city limits and city utilities. Gillum the clown represents Tallahassee very well considering the electorate. He is indeed the mayor we deserve based on the overwhelming progressives who dominate here.

  2. It’s very clear that Gillum is an obama-acolyte and admirer (he’s made statements to that effect), and has patterned his agenda and operating style after the Failure In Chief. As Preston Scott said this morning, the mayor just did serious economic damage to Tallahassee by discouraging businesses from moving here – who wants to relocate to the Florida city with the worst violent crime rate, highest property tax rate, and is now the desired location spot for Syrian Islamic “refugees” with its complicit mayor?

    Also, as I emailed Preston Scott this morning, the mayor has just damaged the Tallahassee residential and commercial real estate market, for the same above-mentioned reasons. Why would anyone want to relocate or retire to Tallahassee, now that we’re in the national news for all the wrong reasons? This is real economic loss (in property value) for every Tallahassee real estate owner.

    Sadly, unless enough members of the city commission choose to challenge the mayor’s continued abuse of his office, or enough citizens demand a recall election, Gillum will remain in office, bolstered by his idol obama and liberal media such as CNN, and continue to further erode and deteriorate the city of Tallahassee and quality of life for its citizens.

  3. Yep, the right thing. Greedy corporations exploiting unsophisticated immigrant labor, while ignoring the plight of the African American Community in need of education, training and jobs. That’s a win-win for the corporate bottom line.

  4. I am so happy, proud, and excited that Tallahassee is doing the right thing here. Very excited to help the people coming here.

  5. This is an easy issue. This country was founded and has Three Hundred Years of accepting people escaping religious persecution. Just accept refugees from Syria who are escaping religious persecution first before accepting other refugees.
    There are so many Christians and other minorities escaping persecution you will never get to accepting Muslims. Problem solved and everybody should be happy.

  6. Let me add this little nugget, which I have referenced often on my program. When Steve and I discussed his work for PFTAW he sent an E-letter (on City letterhead) threatening to sue if he was identified in that manner again. He wanted the word “Foundation” added. We wanted him on the record on how his relationship with PFTAW would impact his agenda as Mayor. He refused, and has refused, to answer. Well, we all see that our fears were spot on. Oh, and his frequent appearances on MSNBC with Al Shaprton he is identified as working for People for The American Way…never with Foundation added. I wonder he has threatened “Rev.” Al with a lawsuit?

    1. I have been bringing up his employment with PFTAW for over 8 years now…ever since I saw it on his Financial Disclosure filing.

  7. Make no mistake, our little mayor is plugging himself for the ‘national stage’ and his employer, People For The American Way are behind him financially. Do you believe that he called CNN himself to get his TV spot? Doubt it seriously.

  8. Compassion vs Common Sense?
    Why can’t we have both? As a compassionate people we can help Syrian Refugees and we have with plenty of money but there are better options then bringing them to America at this time, especially because Syria can’t provide records for these people making it impossible to ensure they are not Islamic Extremist or properly vet them. We can help create safe zones with the help of NATO and other allies and we can help fund that project with the help of other Muslim nations that are beyond rich from Oil.
    Now to common sense! Our own intelligent agencies and the FBI have told us that the chances are high that some of these refugees are Islamic Extremist (We Need to listen to them) In addition to this warning the terrorist themselves have told us the same thing and we know they will use the refugee program as a Trojan Horse to gain entry.
    Now to the threat, I am not willing to take the chance of attacks in my town, or your city that can kill American and possibly someone in my family or my friends.
    Paris was bad but what these terrorist groups can do is much worst, they have had access to chemical weapons that were in Syria and the areas they have taken over. I went through Chemical warfare training and believe me this is the worst threat to our towns, cities and country.
    There are 1.25 Billion Muslims in the world today, it has been estimated that around 10% have been radicalized or at the least support a caliphate, that is over One Hundred Million people or 1/3 of America’s total population. Now we know not all Germans were Nazis (about 7%) but enough to kill 16,315,000 Yes that 16 Million.
    This is not a Democrat or Republican issue this is a American issue, screw all the political crap let’s just be smart enough not to put Americans in harm’s way and let’s demand that our Politicians do what the American people want (We the people). Don’t listen to rhetoric trust Common Sense!
    Quick Note: If you were handed a bowl with 10 M&Ms in it, then told 1 is poisonous would you eat any of them?

  9. Obama’s problem is that he has no credibility with half the country. He can make any claim that he wishes but when the Director of the FBI says he has no way to vet the refugees and a multitude of others in the know concur, who are we going to believe?

  10. Our friend and ally, Jordan, is straining under the burden of caring for and sheltering tens of thousands of Syrian Christians. There is no doubt that these people could have been more securely vetted through the Jordanian government. Accepting them would have been far easier and safer than the military age, Muslim men that Obama has favored.

    Even the Syrian community in Pennsylvania has misgivings

    A large part of the problem is a petulant President who presumes to lecture and scold the US from foreign soil.

    We’re tired of seeing him and hearing from him and his drones like the Mayor.

  11. The Mayor got his White House Koolaid(TM) booster earlier in the week and is now regurgitating the message. I wish someone would ask the Mayor if he supports the Open Borders movement.

  12. It takes 1.5 to 2 years to go through the process of being admitted to the U.S. as a refugee. Each applicant is thoroughly investigated, biometrically recorded, and a financial bond placed on them. Many Americans couldn’t likely pass this process. Rick Scott is simply playing politics in an election season. The states cannot preempt federal law on this matter. I was not aware that mindless fear is so common among the citizens of Tallahassee. I really thought Americans were braver than that, and smarter. And more compassionate.

    1. Just how much “background” info can you gather on a bunch of desert dwellers? There are NO RECORDS of the majority of these people, (birth certificates? Drivers licenses? Social security numbers?)

      This is a case of the blind leading the blind… Do you also know that obozo has a “blank check” in hand for these “refugees”…. Providing them with FREE housing and FREE food for the REST OF THEIR LIVES? Hell, he hasn’t done a DAMNED thing for OUR elderly, OUR poor, OUR Veterans, OUR homeless…..

      Let’s fix what’s broke at HOME before saving the rest of the world!!!

  13. Anything that Media Matters dictates, he does….his behavior continues to go unchecked by those in Tallahassee who elected him, only when their lives are impacted in a negative way due to his extremely poor judgement will they pay attention….

  14. I’m not sure who he represent…..but it not me.

    I have often wondered why it is that Conservatives are called the “right” and Liberals are called the “left”
    By chance I stumbled upon this verse in the Bible: Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV) – “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.”
    And like Obama the Mayor is a Fool

    1. Gillum is a mini-Obama. He does whatever he wants with no regard what the majority of Tallahassee wants or what is good for our community.

  15. He certainly didn’t ask me! I would have said, “NO!!” He may want them here, but the majority of the City of Tallahassee does not want them here. We have enough problems without having refugees in Tallahassee!!

  16. This is all the result of a simple misunderstanding–
    Mayor Gillum thought he was appointed King of Tallahassee, instead of being elected to handle the mayor duties. Just hold up a mirror to his face to show him he has no crown. Then everything will be fine.

  17. Anything to make national news. ..mayor, have you asked all of Tallahassee residents how they would feel allowing Syrian refugees into our city? You didn’t ask me, that I know for sure. You don’t speak for me, sir!

    1. He speaks for his primary employer, George Soros. Simple as that.
      Tallahasseans are merely “collateral noise” to him.
      Check out his property tax rate on
      Are you paying on a lower percentage of actual value than him?
      I doubt it.

      This is HIS town.
      You just get to live in it.

    2. well, he speaks for me. I’m proud of him. Do you really think an elected official should poll every single person in his constituency before he does anything?

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