Despite Eight Applications, City Extends Deadline for Ethics Board Position

Despite Eight Applications, City Extends Deadline for Ethics Board Position

When the City’s appointment to the Ethics Board, Lila Jaber, announced her resignation, the City of Tallahassee set a deadline of November 20th, 2015 to receive applications to fill the vacancy.

When November 20th arrived, the City had received eight applications. However, instead of choosing from the eight applicants, the City decided to extend the deadline to December 28th.

Tallahassee Reports requested and received copies of the eight applications submitted by the original deadline. Listed below is a brief bio for each applicant. Also, you can review all applications by clicking here.

The pool of applicants include seven with college degrees, four with advanced degrees, one with a Phd, several graduates from FSU, a graduate of West Point and a graduate of Harvard University.

Four applicants list their current employer as “retired”, one is a student, and two are self-employed.

Applicants list employment experience that includes construction management, government consulting, law enforcement, and state government.

Why did the City extend the deadline?

One reason to extend the deadline would be because of a low number of applicants.

Is eight a low number?

TR looked back and found that for the initial City appointment to the Ethics Board, which eventually went to Lila Jaber, 11 applications were received by the City.

TR called the City and asked about the extended deadline, but have not received a response.

Applicants for City Ethics Board

Jim Clark
B.A., American Studies, FSU; M.A., Social Work, FSU; M.S. Urban & Regional Planning, FSU; M.A., Public Administration, Harvard University

Employment & other
Retired, state government work experience

Quaneisna Washington
FAMU student

Employment & other
None provided

Shane Lambert

Employment & other
General contractor & business owner; Board of Director Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce, Ethics & Arbitration Committee for Tallahassee Builders Association

Julia Keen
B.S., Criminology, FSU

Employment & other
Retired, state government experience

Delaitre Hollinger
A.A., Tallahassee Community College

Employment & other
Taylor Museum Curator/ Tallahassee Urban League; Previous candidate for local office, sits on a number of local community boards.

Bruce Grant
B.S., Engineering, West Point; M.S., Public Administration, Univ. of Puget Sound; PhD, Public Administration, FSU

Employment & other
Former state employee, consultant

Bob Fulford
B.S., Education, FSU; M.S., Administration, FSU

Employment & other
Retired, previous candidate for local office, former president of CONA

Howard Rasmussen
B.A. Sociology, Nebraska Wesleyan University; M.S. Criminal Justice, Michigan State University

Employment & other
Retired, state government, law enforcement experience

2 Responses to "Despite Eight Applications, City Extends Deadline for Ethics Board Position"

  1. Thanks for this as I, too, wondered about the extension.

    Howard Rasmussen, candidate here, was a member of the original committee and seems to me would have been a slam dunk. The City had seen his work.

    While I was not a member I attended nearly all the meetings of that group and, thanks to the Chair, Martha Barnett, was allowed to contribute. Again, the City has seen my work.

    Frankly, the extension of the deadline along with the appointment of Jaber who was on record as opposing the notion altogether and is, in my view, evidence of the need for a independent City Ethics Officer.

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