Reports: Gillum Looks National, Eyeing Run for Congressional Seat

Reports: Gillum Looks National, Eyeing Run for Congressional Seat

Mayor Andrew Gillum’s recent public positions on a number of national issues including Ban the Box and the Syrian Refugees, coupled with a recent interview with CNN host Van Jones in Jacksonville and his live interview on CNN last week, appears to be a well calculated media strategy that could lead to a run for higher office.

POLITICOFLORIDA is reporting that Gillum is “inching closer to Congressional run.”

“People are reaching out to Mayor Gillum because Washington desperately needs the type of energy and focus he brings every day as mayor,” said Kevin Cate, a longtime Gillum adviser. “He’s listening and will make his decision on how he can best continue creating new jobs and opportunities, while also being a great husband and father.”

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16 Responses to "Reports: Gillum Looks National, Eyeing Run for Congressional Seat"

  1. Obama and Sharpton would love to have Gillum join them in Washington in their corrupt charade and parrot their delusional, self-aggrandizing, ruinous policies.
    Gillum is cut out of the same devious, venal, lying, narcissistic cloth as they are. Gillum has proven he can run a city into the ground and Obama would appreciate Gillum’s help to accomplish the same for the country.

    My only hope is that Gillum would have his behind handed to him in humiliation in any sort of higher-office election, a fitting reward for his efforts.

  2. I HOPE that outside of Tallahassee there won’t be such a plethora of IDIOT VOTERS who voted this imbecile into national office.

    Of course, once the Boy Prince starts swimming with the REAL political sharks, some of his less than ethical deals won’t come bubbling to the surface, they will boil… *cough edison cough*

  3. Run for higher office? Not from Tallahassee. He can’t beat Gwyn Graham. Bob Graham and the Graham Family and the Washington Post (another Graham possession, or used to be) won’t allow it. They are grooming her for higher office, and he’s no match for her; especiall in the rural counties away from Leon and Gadsden and maybe Jefferson. Another Tallahassee major, Scott Mattox, thought he was bigger than he really was and is and lost several races. Personally, I’d like to see him run agains Graham, but he’d probably move to another district.

  4. For those who are not already aware, this is a great example of how dysfunctional American politics works now. Extremely wealthy individuals fund organizations to identify and support those politicians ambitious and obedient enough to do their bidding. They get tons of money and perks, often from outside their constituencies, win a seat, and soon after, people begin feel the drizzle on their legs and are told its just raining again. Meanwhile us commoners are left with distant memories of what a representative democracy used to look like.

  5. Gillum has done a lot. I have never known a person who could raise our property taxes by 16% and still believe it is not enough. I am investing money in other counties outside his reach. If he has to relinquich his mayor position to run for national office,I am all for it.

  6. Comment from another news source: “People are reaching out to Mayor Gillum because Washington desperately needs the type of energy and focus he brings every day as mayor, creating new jobs and opportunities to get ahead.” Gillum, as Tallahassee Mayor has never done any of this. He is a ‘tax as high as you can and spend as much as you can’ socialist, on things that are not necessary, under the deceit of stimulating the economy… which it is…deceit. The City Manager just retired and now Gillum, seeking to ‘retire’ by virtue of an election, tells me that things are getting ready to get bad for Tallahassee because of their actions and Gillum does not want to be held to blame until until after he has tried for higher office. If he is successful, Tallahassee no longer matters to him.

    His TDO article comment is that he ‘plans’ to stay as Mayor. It is a politician’s statement which means if he runs for Congress, he can say his ‘plans’ changed. If he does not run for Congress, he can say that those who said he ‘was indeed’ running, lied. The guy is Snake Oil.

  7. Why does that surprise anyone. Corruption at the city level-move up- corruption at the state level- on to the federal level.

  8. Well, the worst case scenario is that we will only be rid of him here. The best case is that we will be rid of him and he loses his next election. Folks, Tallahassee Reports has done articles on Gillum’s connections with People for the American Way. You really do need to read up on them. Your liberal friends won’t listen to you but you have to reach your other friends who have fallen for Gillum’s smooth talking, lying abilities.

  9. He has done nothing! and what foolish sheeple would allow this guy to continue to use his voters as pons for his and his handlers benefit in a higher office. Hopefully, the wind shifts and crushes those that manipulate and lie to the uninformed and weak such as little Andy.

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