Former Planned Parenthood Director Brings Powerful Message to Tallahassee

Former Planned Parenthood Director Brings Powerful Message to Tallahassee

By Austin Mall

On November 19, Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood Director, captivated a group of Tallahassee residents at the University Center Club by sharing her life’s journey from getting her first job out of college at Planned Parenthood to quitting and speaking around the world for the pro-life movement.

With the recent controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood, from the organization’s selling of aborted baby parts to its reception of over $500 million annually from the government, Abby Johnson’s testimony provides insight into realities of Planned Parenthood without which the layperson may never know.

Today Abby says she shares these realities for one main reason: “It’s what I didn’t know that led me into the doors of Planned Parenthood, and I would bet that for the majority of women who walk into Planned Parenthood clinics it’s what they don’t know that leads them into those clinics.”

Abby Johnson’s personal story is powerful, but it is not one you might expect from someone who advocates for the pro-life movement.

While in college, she got an internship for Planned Parenthood. After graduation, she started working at Planned Parenthood full-time. She loved her job, it was fulfilling. Planned Parenthood told her that she was helping provide services for pregnant women who had nowhere else to go. Abby said that she later learned this was one of many Planned Parenthood lies.

Abby emphasized the many other places pregnant women can go by saying:

“There are currently only about 650 Planned Parenthood facilities across the country compared to more than 10,000 federally qualified health centers that see men, women, and children for comprehensive and primary health care. And that 10,000 does not include hospital health systems, rural public health systems, county health departments, and pro-life medical facilities. And it also doesn’t include the tens of thousands of private physicians who accept government subsidy programs like Medicaid.”

Abby also emphasized Planned Parenthood’s attack on minorities stating a startling fact: “There are currently more African-American babies aborted than born.”

Her full story is moving and cannot be replicated here; so for those interested, Abby Johnson’s entire address can be found on below. Most importantly, Abby lives what she speaks. She is a wife and mother of five, one of whom is adopted. She speaks so that mothers know there are many more places to go than Planned Parenthood and that the world may see that life begins at conception.

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  1. More power to her.
    Abortion has as little to do with a woman’s health as my farts contribute to global warming.
    Too bad we do not have a fair or objective media willing to tell both sides of a story and trust their readers make up their own minds.

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