Leon County Moves to Defund Economic Development Council

Leon County Moves to Defund Economic Development Council

The staff for the Leon County Board of County Commissioners added an agenda item for the January 26th meeting that seeks the authorization to terminate the Economic Development Council (EDC) contract. Click here and scroll to page 14 to see agenda item.

Leon County’s current contract with the EDC calls for funding of approximately $174,000.

The agenda item states that over “the past several weeks a number of actions have occurred related to the existing Economic Development Council’s (EDC) ability to fulfill the terms of its existing contract with the County.”

The agenda seeks authorization for the County Administrator to notify the Economic Development Council that the County is exercising the 30 day termination provision of the contract with a final termination date of February 29, 2016.

As issues with the EDC began to surface publicly, behind the scenes elected officials were raising concerns.

For example, on January 14, 2016, Board of County Commissioners Chairman Bill Proctor sent a memo to County Administrator Vince Long stating,  “I believe there should be no further payments until our Board convenes and is provided an update with respect to the EDC’s status.”

Mr. Proctor added, “While I know the work of the EDC is valued by our Board, certainly, I also believe we would not want to pay money to a ghost organization that no longer exist or can no longer fulfill our expectations.”

In addition to finances, the dissolution of the EDC will impact Leon County’s obligation to the state of Florida. As required by Florida Statutes, the County had designated the EDC as the Economic Development Organization (EDO). This designation requires annual reporting to the state for the various local incentives utilized during the past fiscal year.

Concurrent with the termination of the contract, the Board’s staff is recommending that the Board of County Commissioners take the appropriate steps to notify the state that the EDC is no longer the EDO.

Staff indicated they will provide recommendations in the February 29, 2016 IA agenda item related to the EDO designation to ensure conformance with State reporting requirements.

Check back for updates.

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  1. I guess this will stop the yearly junkets to various cities such as Austin, Madison, Raleigh etc. in the disguise purpose of Economic Development.

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