Mid-year Data Shows 15% Increase in Violent Crime for Leon County in 2015

Mid-year Data Shows 15% Increase in Violent Crime for Leon County in 2015

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, mid-year data for 2015 shows that crime increased in Leon County when compared to the same time period during 2014.

Leon county led the state in per capita crime in 2014. See our previous report here.

In contrast to the Leon County trend, the data shows that crime decreased in Florida when compared to the same time period during 2014.

For the first half of 2015, the state of Florida experienced a 2.2% decrease in the crime index. The crime index measures all crimes.

The overall decrease in the state was lead by declines in property crimes like burglary and larceny.

Violent crimes, which include murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault increased by 2.2%

For Leon county, the crime index increased 5.1% during the first six months of 2015 over same period in 2014. Both property crimes and violent crimes increased in Leon county.

Violent crimes increased by 15.2%. This category was led by a 32% increase in rapes from 102 incidents in 2014 to 134 incidents in 2015.

Property crimes in Leon county increased by 3.3%. This category was lead by a 25.5% increase in motor-vehicle theft. In 2014 there were 357 motor-vehicle thefts compared to 448 motor-vehicle thefts in 2015.

The Leon County motor-vehicle theft rate  increased three times faster than at the state-level, which increased by 8.2%.

Listed below are crime rate changes in five North Florida counties and the state of Florida.

The table can be sorted by clicking on columns.

LocationProperty CrimeViolent CrimeTotal Crime
FLORIDA -2.9%+2.2%-2.2%

The table shows that Leon county is ranked second among the North Florida  group in the total crimes category and is ranked first in violent crimes.

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  1. Hope: and the politicians not living in their districts do so because those areas experience the majority of the violent crime. Clearly they want to do something about it. Whod’ve thunk??

  2. Until the electorate of Tallahassee changes dramatically either in attitude or demographics, this city will continue to have a corrupt, self-serving government. Voters have to use intelligent criteria to elect people based on integrity, record of real-world accomplishments, and abilities – not simply ethnic factors or political/financial favors expected of (or offered by) the candidate after achieving office.

    For a city that is reputed to have more college degrees per population than many other American cities, we seem determined to elect city officials based on ignorant or narrow-minded factors.

  3. Three elected officials circumventing the residency requirement who are not legitimately serving their districts, a previous sheriff who thought good law enforcement was publicity stunts, vulgar roasts, mismanagement of the CDA, etc…what did any expect? I am surprised the rate is not higher.

    Hopefully, with a dedicated police chief like DeLeo, a new sheriff (not connected to the old regime), the new Tallahassee Democrat publisher showing a more responsible presence in the community, and with the new city manager brighter days are on the horizon.

  4. Looks like the City Hall’s Strategic Plan is working. Can not wait to the next election so we can re-elected the same people.

    Where you have a totally corrupt City Hall and corrupt local government, you have a high crime rate,i.e.Chicago, Detroit. Wake up Tallahassee.

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