Most Read TR Articles in March

Most Read TR Articles in March

As we move into April, a look back at March finds the top three articles on TR were:

Former Commissioner Debbie Lightsey Benefits Monthly From City’s Deferred Compensation Which Ended in 2010

Wildwood Church To Build Northside Community Center

ROUND 1: Pons and Maddox Spar at Local Forum.

There were 28 comments generated by these three posts and over 300 facebook likes. The Lightsey report had the most facebook likes with 163.

2 Responses to "Most Read TR Articles in March"

  1. Questions for Obama.

    1. Why massive debt?
    2. Why violate so many of Sun Tzu’s rules including a) know your enemy and yourself, b) use spies, c) war is a means to an end (but what is our end?) d) empower enlightened generals.
    3. Why and when did you decide to use the Benghazi video?
    4. Who gave you this idea and did you collaborate with Hillary?
    5. Why not release your college transcripts?
    6. Why cover up Fast and Furious?
    7. What did Reverend Wright, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn and Frank Marshall Davis really teach you?
    8. Why not care for Christians in the Middle East as you do Muslims?
    9. Why support Muslim Brotherhood?
    10. Justify your $70 million 19 day vacation?
    11. Why side with Iran?
    12. How can you allow a baby that survives an abortion to die without care?
    13. Why no bipartisan healthcare solutions?
    14. Why never address the labor participation rate?
    15. Why 1.36% average annual GDP growth in for 7 years?


    Joel Thornton

    1825 Easton Forest Drive
    Tallahassee, FL 32317
    166 words

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