Leon County Adds Jobs for Second Consecutive Month

Leon County Adds Jobs for Second Consecutive Month

The State of Florida employment report for March shows that Leon County added 618 jobs. This is the second consecutive month that Leon County has added jobs.

Despite adding jobs, the unemployment rate actually increased from 4.2% to 4.3%. This was due to an increase in people looking for jobs.

The employment trend to start this year is in contrast with the numbers from last year. In 2015, from January through March, Leon County lost 34 jobs. For this year, Leon County added 1,769 jobs during the same period.

The start to this year is more comparable to 2014 when Leon County added 1,981 jobs during the January to March time period.

Last March, there were 141,421 people employed. For this year that number has climbed to 143,507.

This upward trend in employment began in July of last year after Leon County lost approximately 6,500 jobs over an 8-month period.

As the chart below shows, Leon County employment hit its highest peak over the last 24-months in October of 2014 when 145,500 people were employed.

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