CRTPA Board Rescinds Executive Director Job Offer After Additional “Requests.”

CRTPA Board Rescinds Executive Director Job Offer After Additional “Requests.”

At the Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency (CRTPA) meeting this past Monday, the Board voted, after a motion by City Commissioner Scott Maddox, to rescind a job offer recently extended to a candidate to fill the vacant position of Executive Director.

The candidate was ranked number two by the screening committee and was offered the job by the Board which paid approximately $100,000 plus benefits.

However, at the beginning of the meeting the Chair of the CRTPA informed the Board that the candidate was requesting to work four 10 hour days instead of the standard 4o-hour work week.

Concerns were raised by members about the request. Specifically, County Commissioner Mary Ann Lindley voiced concern about the ability of the candidate to meet the requirements of the job with a four day work week.

And then the Chair informed the group there was another request.

The candidate wanted the Board’s blessing to work 8-12 hours a week as a consultant on outside jobs.

At this point, City Commissioner Scott Maddox could not get the words out fast enough.

“Madam Chair, I move that we rescind the job offer made to this candidate.”

After some procedural maneuvering, the job offer was rescinded and the search committee was directed to come back with another recommendation.

Commissioner Maddox told TR, “I guess I’m old fashioned, but I think you should accept a job and prove yourself before haggling for additional time off.’

13 Responses to "CRTPA Board Rescinds Executive Director Job Offer After Additional “Requests.”"

  1. Seems odd. You make your deal going in, not after the deal is closed. If the candidate was qualified, and was the second on the list, that means the number one recommendation also told them “no.” Seems to me, old fashioned isn’t quite working very well. Seems to me public positions aren’t keeping up with the times, and are unwilling to adopt modern labor practices. Sounds like this All American City doesn’t want to stay #1, or even #2! Being good stewards of public funds means also paying for quality and not being wasteful with committee time and resources. Bad move in my assessment.

  2. Our Mayor works “full time” for Tallahassee citizens, “full time” for a political group in Washington, and has recently taken a third job with the Florida Democratic Party! No doubt about it, Andrew was well trained by ex mayor John Marks. The citizens of Tallahassee are financially shafted by our public officials. Our Mayor has proven that the mayor’s job is only a part time job. We need to change city charter making the mayor a part time employee and cut his pay in half.

    1. OR, an amendmend to the city charter that would specify that the job is full-time and prohibit outside employment or consulting for a fee.

  3. So the fix must be on for someone else. Why wouldn’t you just tell the new person “sorry you have a five day a week job.” Or “sorry you cannot do consulting on the side.” These are the appropriate responses. Not rescind the job offer. Probably another Pingree special coming up.

    1. I would suspect the candidate is currently employed, which may change with disclosure. Glad to see the offer rescinded, but also glad the candidate was up front with their requests. Better this than have it creep in to the work space after hiring. All part of negotiating…

  4. Mr. Maddox is making a few good moves over the last year and this is one of his best moves yet. Now get that sorry excuse for a puppet on the string mayor to work for all of the people not the chosen few.

    1. Huh!? There is always discordance in hiring when Scott Maddox is involved. Does he not do the same thing? Does he even live in his district or use his office address to circumvent (deceive) the rule? Is his district (that he claims to live in, cough cough) number one in crime in the state? Wake up!

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