After 22% Increase In Salaries, City Seeks More Raises

After 22% Increase In Salaries, City Seeks More Raises

After receiving a 22% increase in average salaries from 2008 to 2015, the City budget staff is asking for more increases for non-public safety related General Fund employees in 2017.

The agenda for the budget workshop to be held on May 11, 2016 states:

“General employees include all employees that are not part of a collective bargaining unit. The recommendation for fiscal year 2017 is to provide a 3.0% raise. Employees will only be eligible for this increase based on the results of their annual evaluation. This increase allows the City to continue to recruit and retain high-quality personnel at all levels of service provision.”

TR has previously reported that the average change in salaries for General Fund workers from 2008 through 2015 has grown three times as fast as overall wages in Leon County. The increases also outpaced growth in average salaries for teachers and state workers.


You can read the full report here.

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  1. NOT TRUE for blue collar workers, I was a city employee during that time and received outstanding evaluations – the raises during that period totaled 13.5%. The breakdown 2009-0%,2010-2%,2011-1%,3/2012-1%,9/2012-2.5%,2013-2.5%,2014-2.5%,2015-2%
    There was a prevision for employees making less than $20,000.00 annually where they had raises of like $1,000.00 per year which is equal to 5% or .48 cent per hour.
    Regretfully I for one will fact check Tallahassee Reports myself before I believe any other articles posted.

    1. Jeremy -this is a calculation and the numbers are easily verified. Average salaries, which is salary expense divided employees, increased 22%. This does not mean everyone got a 22% raise -some got more, some got less.

      1. My salary was mid $30s, your statistic tell me there were a lot of employees making less than $20,000.00 per year and their increases in percentage would have been higher in order to get the $1,000.00 per year raise. Example, someone making $9.00 per hour in 2008 and gets 22% raises by 2015 is now making $10.98 per hour, a far cry from getting rich. What I have found out with people using percentages, the number is actually low and its a way to manipulate peoples thinking. My $35K salary went up on average $0.32 per hour per year ($665.60) to $39,725.00.

        1. You make a great point. Another example: 10 workers each make $30,000. One employee leaves and in not replaced, but his/her workload and 1/2 of their salary is divided among the remaining 9. Numerically, the average salary increased by 5.6% (inferring a raise), but the demands of the job increased as well (11.1%). Not saying that has happened, but there isn’t enough data presented to tell.

    2. It would be interesting to know what the employee counts were for each if the years. Did it increase, decrease or hold steady. The raw numbers can say one thing; a deeper analysis can say another. Not enough disclosure to tell.

  2. Inflation between 2008 – 2015 is just about 10% . Wish I had taken that job with the city rather than the state.

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