Killearn Homes Association Responds to “Killearn Corridor” Proposal

Killearn Homes Association Responds to “Killearn Corridor” Proposal

TR has learned that the Killearn Homes Association (KHA) has sent a letter to all elected officials on the City and County Commissions and to the Chair of the Capital Regional Transportation Planning Agency (CRTPA) raising concerns about the “Killearn Corridor” proposal.

The letter was signed by KHA President and former City Commissioner John Paul Bailey. The full letter can be seen here: KHALetter.

The letter is in response to a presentation made by a transportation consulting firm hired by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). The presentation outlined the “Killearn Corridor” proposal as one of two options that would successfully address traffic congestion in the Thomsaville Road and I-10 area.

The letter, said in part, “After having studied the proposed options, we, the board members of KHA, are deeply concerned about the impact of these options on our neighborhood, especially a particularly egregious option that would create a four-lane connection through our community.”

The letter concludes by saying “We urge FDOT and our local commissioners and government officials to explore alternatives that are less intrusive.

The CRTPA will take up the issue at their meeting on Monday, May 16th at 1:00 p.m. in the City of Tallahassee Commission Chambers.

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  1. Stephen, I agree with most of what you have said, except the part about Mr. Phipps and his family. I hate to even think of what the developers will do to Meridian Road if the Phipps family should decide to sell all that property to the developers. You would not be able to even drive down Meridian Road at all because of all the housing developments. I believe a new moratorium should be put back in place for the northern Leon County area from Meridian Road east into Bradfordville to stop all future neighborhoods and businesses from developing for the next 25 years. Where are all these people coming from? … south Florida?

  2. The Phipps family had no problem asking the Citizen’s Canopy Road Committee for permission to cut down trees along Meridian Road (a Canopy Road) to gain access to the new toll road across their property. When it comes to personal financial gain, the Phipps family (especially Jeff Phipps) puts money ahead of environmental protection. They have enough property that could become forested to more than make up for any canopy lost due to the widening of Meridian Road. Personally, I believe there is far too much of a push for growth and development and accompanying paved transportation corridors. So much of Tallahassee’s natural beauty is being sacrificed for economic growth and, for lack of a better term, “Greed” (which at least some members of the Phipps family have inherited). I would prefer no (or very limited) growth and development and no new transportation corridors or widened existing corridors. But if there is going to be additional traffic corridor capacity, I believe the widening of Meridian Road, especially with the expected increase in traffic due to the new toll road off of Meridian Road, and the widening of Thomasville Road are the most logical and least damaging alternatives. This would be far less intrusive than the proposed corridor through a residential neighborhood.
    And, Simply Said, Mr. Phipps did not make that land. That land made itself. Mr. Phipps is exploiting that land for his personal benefit. He has little if any true respect for that land.

  3. The very fact that “a proposed 4-lane through Killearn” is even being considered makes the concept all the more shocking. Bulldozing down all or part of millions of dollars in homes, retirement homes, and churches along the planned 4-lane route is, to put it in the kindest terms possible, a hair-brained idea.

    Like it or not, eventually large residential developments (Canopy, Welaunee, and others) will be built off both Meridian, Centerville, and Bannerman. These roads will unavoidably have to be widened and improved to accomodate that traffic safely. Even now all three roads are narrow, ditch-lined with no shoulders, and dangerous. Thomasville Road was once a two-lane road, was widened to 4 lanes, and is still a beautiful drive – the same can be achieved for Centerville and Meridian Roads with beautiful medians and landscaping to either side.

  4. Ramps from I 10 to centerville make more sence than destroying our neighborhood and propety values. The additional traffic comes from the developing area between thomasville and meridian. Sending it through our neighborhood is unacceptable

    1. The one way flyover completely relieved congestion in the Cap Circle T’ville intersection. Worked like a charm.

      1. I agree Steve. Folks want to complain about the suggestions on the table, but don’t have any better ideas of their own. Everyone was opposed to Blairstone extension, but look at it know. Traffic is so much better on that side of town.

  5. We have a very dangerous road called Meridian Road that needs to be widened for safety reasons, so why not widen it?

    1. Because the Phipps have deep pockets and the city/county doesn’t want to fight with them. I’m sure they’dprobably want another toll road.
      Same Reason why the city/county won’t make Maclay fix their traffic problem. FYI, if you stop traffic to let others out and cause an accident – it’s your fault. YOU ARE NOT TO STOP ONGOING TRAFFIC.

    2. Kathy, Meridian Road will no longer be a canopy road if it is widened much more. Meridian was widened a few years ago and a couple of dangerous curves straightened more to allow for safer travel and wider lanes. There is only a thin narrow strip of trees lining Meridian Road. As for Mr. Phipps and his land, IT IS HIS LAND and not yours or mine. He has the right to build a cut-through to Old Bainbridge if he wants to and to charge those who use it. It costs money to maintain a highway. A beautiful scenic highway such as this has been needed for a long time. The county jumped on board so they could make a profit also. The public has the choice to drive it and pay the toll or not. It is a way to take a lot of traffic off Meridian on a scenic route already cluttered with traffic at 8:00 – 9:00am and 5-7:00pm. We need to save as much of the native landscape as we can while we can.

      1. Meridian Rd. Monday through Friday at ‘8:00’ traffic coming in and ‘5:00’ traffic going out can be backed up for 4 possible reasons and 3 of the 4 are within one mile of each other:
        1. The new Miller Landing Rd. stop light, which is not pressure sensitive and changes at preset intervals;
        2. The crosswalk caution/stop light beside the entrance to Forestmeadows Tennis Center;
        3. Maclay School 20 mph school zone…twice a day;
        4. There is more concentrated traffic at these times.

        Your suggestion to take a ‘scenic route’ is absurd. It takes you away from town. Town is where people are trying to get to at 8 a.m. and away from at 5 p.

        At the peak time of 5:00 traffic, I have seen traffic backed up from Forestmeadows all the way to 7th ave…either stopped dead or moving at less than 5 mph. That is 6 miles. Solve problems 1-3 above and it’s fixed.

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