Leon County Schools Responds to Federal Government Directive on Transgender Issues

Leon County Schools Responds to Federal Government Directive on Transgender Issues

On Monday, Kathleen L. Rodgers,  the Divisional Director Intervention, Equity and Support Services for Leon County Schools, sent an email to all principals and School Board leadership addressing the directive from the Federal government that summarizes a school’s Title IX obligations regarding transgender students.

This was first reported on the Morning Show with Preston Scott, WFLA 100.7.

The email addressed a number of topics in the letter from the Federal government and included a summary for each topic.

Included below are three of the topics addressed in the email. The full email can be seen here.

Compliance with Title IX – The Departments treat a student’s gender identity as the student’s sex for purposes of Title IX and its implementing regulations.This was addressed in our October, 2015 training. This means that the school must not treat a transgender student differently from the way it treats other students of the same gender identity. Under Title IX, there is no medical diagnosis or treatment requirement that students must meet as a prerequisite to being treated consistent with their gender identity.

Sex-segregated Activities and Facilities- Transgender students must be allowed participate in activities and have access to facilities consistent with their gender identity.This was addressed in our October, 2015 training.

Housing and Overnight Accommodations – Title IX allows a school to provide separate housing on the basis of sex. But a school must allow transgender students to access housing consistent with their gender identity and may not require transgender students to stay in a single-occupancy accommodations or to disclose personal information when not required of other students.

Ms. Rodgers closed the email by saying:

“As you can see, we were ahead of the game and have shared most of the contents of the Dear Colleague Letter with you via training. The guidance simply supports and undergirds what we have been told to do since September, 2015.”

TR is in the process of confirming positions of elected officials and declared candidates on these issues.

21 Responses to "Leon County Schools Responds to Federal Government Directive on Transgender Issues"

  1. Less than 1% of the population is transgender. The government is using this issue as some kind of social experiment to see what we will and won’t go along with. There is no major outcry from the transgender “community” about this issue. Anybody that speaks out against this will be labeled as a “homophobic bigot” by the left. People need to speak out against this ridiculousness. There is more at stake here than you might think. If they can get the population to go along with this they can get away with anything. We have to speak out on a local level and convince our elected officials to stand up to the federal government even if it means we lose funding! Texas has refused to give in and we should too.

  2. Are there any men or woman left in this country that truely have a back bone? I am seriously begining to wonder.

    1. It is sad. Why is this even an issue?? Less than 1% of the population is transgender!!!!! Go pee outside if a stall doesn’t give you enough privacy. No wonder the rest of the world thinks America is a joke.

  3. I think I will play the “identifies as” card the next time I see a minority bid for government related work. I am a while male but just may identify as a black male in order to get consideration. I will bid so low they will have to give me the job, then when I show up and they do not think I represent a certain status and turn me down I will call the ACLU and get a discrimination lawsuit underway. If our sex is not relevant to our birth certificate and god given plumbing who is to say our race and age should be. I think I will also apply for jobs requiring college degrees – I do not have one but I may identify as someone that has one. This just opened up new opportunities for everyone, let the discrimination lawsuits begin.

  4. As the mother of a child in a public middle school in Leon County, I want to know the contents of the training program they held last fall. And why they’ve obviously hidden it from parents. It appears that they don’t want us to know what the county’s policy is on this issue. That can only mean they know we wouldn’t like it.

  5. My kids have never seen the inside of a public school because of this type of nonsense. And never will.

  6. I don’t see many biological girls barging in the men’s bathroom, why do I have to deal with biological males in the women’s bathroom. This is why people with funds will pull their children out of public school.

    1. Thats a good thing. The sooner we can end the public school system. I would never send children I had to govt schools.

  7. I read at this past weekend that Obama took the withholding of federal funds off the table. Saw this in a real small article in the Sunday newspaper.

  8. I’m sorry, but if my child was made to sleep with a transgender person on an overnight field trip – we’d have issues!

  9. This nonsense has nothing to do with how anyone dresses. All one has to do is say they identify as another sex. No basis has to be provided as to why they identify that way and they can change at will.
    And we continue to vote for these weak minded individuals that support this garbage.

  10. I think a more logical approach to the issue is an assesment of how much federal money will be withdrawn if Leon County does not comply. That way we will know how much our school taxes will go up to offset the Obama decree. I think the public needs to know how much this foolish policy will cost.

    1. Dennis, our school officials have no intention of deviating from this federal decree. The LCS board is ahead of the Obama curve. This town and county are run by liberals with every intention of ramming this nonsense down our throats. And laughing while they do it.

  11. Can someone please explain exactly what a transgender student is? In detail. Links to photos would be helpful. There were no transgender students when I was a kid, so I have no idea how this works. I sincerely want to understand.

  12. I am glad my daughters are grown and don’t have to put up with some guy that dresses like a girl for the day coming into the girls restroom.

  13. Excellent reporting TR!!
    Of equal importance is: what has been discussed in School Board meetings on this subject, if anything?

    Can TR get a copy of the October, 2015 training agenda and any summaries?

    Have locker rooms been opened up in middle and high schools for students of the opposite biological sex, since October, 2015?

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