Tallahassee’s City Manager Seeks $23,000 Permit For Office Renovation

Tallahassee’s City Manager Seeks $23,000 Permit For Office Renovation

Tallahassee Reports has learned that Tallahassee’s City Manager, Rick Fernandez, has requested a permit to complete approximately $23,000 in renovations to his fourth floor office located in City Hall.

This finding comes amid criticism from a number of groups about the City’s budget process and spending priorities.

The permit, #TBB161064, describes the project as “CITY MANAGER’S OFFICE MODIFICA” with a permit valuation of $23,000.

The permit was applied for on May 18, 2016.

TR has learned that the modification will make the office more conducive to communications between the management staff. The job will be bid out to the City’s approved list of general service contractors.

This report originated from an email submitted by a listener of WFLA’s Morning Show with Preston Scott.

10 Responses to "Tallahassee’s City Manager Seeks $23,000 Permit For Office Renovation"

  1. Has the City Manager never set foot in the Police Headquarters Building? There are people forced to work in former closets due to the lack of room. The building is literally sinking causing constant plumbing issues. The request for a $30k renovation of the former dispatch room on the first floor (for a dedicated training facility/office space) was immediately declined, resulting in the room sitting vacant because it is completely unusable as it is.

  2. If the space is inefficiently laid out for the current staffing then spend the money. Good investment.
    I just do not want the contract run through John Mark’s former law parter or some other corrupt fashion like the fence at the Airport.

  3. Another example of this city moving ahead without a care; their answer is to tax, tax, tax and then spend when not necessary. When will the city leadership.realize it’s the people’ s money!

  4. Steve:

    As you are aware, I have spent a great deal of time with Rick Fernandez and his new Executive Leadership Team over the past 7 months. The existing space in the City Manager’s executive suite is almost like a “rat maze” and is anything but efficient for his Leadership Team and his communications folks. I get lost almost each time I go up there. As you are also aware, no one is more concerned and outspoken about spending outside of essential core services at City than I have been. Speaking firsthand, the $23,000.00+/- expenditure is a good investment in order to insure a more professional and workable layout for not just his staff but also for citizens doing business at City Hall.

    Very Kind Regards,


    T. Michael Hines
    Post Office Box 3285
    Tallahassee, Florida 32315
    (850) 907-0383 * (850) 510-8646

    1. Michael, I have to disagree. They have offices, email, smart phones, and conference rooms. The COT has earned this level of scrutiny and skepticism. With all due respect – I think things have gotten worse. Skilled professionals are being moved out, then fired and replaced with friends. Positions are being created out of thin air because certain friends did not qualify for existing positions. People are being handed jobs without any outside job search, let alone posting of said jobs. It goes on and on and on. Let’s not forget – they are poised to raise taxes again! 13% last year (on top of keeping more than $17M in excess charges and overages) and now even more revenue from property value going up (which by law is a tax increase) and the citizens cannot even keep all of the increased value of their land – the COT has to get its hands on it, too. Would the staff reach into their own pocket to fund the renovation with only their own money? I doubt it – suddenly, they would find a way to make it work.

    2. With respect, Mr. Hines, what is your relationship with the city manager and his team? Why are you frequently in the executive offices?

    3. With respect, Mr. Hines, what is your business relationship with the city manager? Why are you frequently in the executive offices?

  5. APPALLED! They are just writing checks like it’s THEIR $$$. You got email? You have phones? You have fax machines? Then you have a conducive work area. Learn to work within your budget! Hey, what a concept.

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