Sheriff Candidate McNeil Concerned About the Lack of Outrage Over Leon County Crime Rate

Sheriff Candidate McNeil Concerned About the Lack of Outrage Over Leon County Crime Rate

Sheriff candidate Walt McNeil held a press conference today to comment on the newly released crime data by FDLE showing Leon County leading the state in crime-rate for the second consecutive year.

McNeil said “I do not see the outrage, the efforts, or a plan to address the issue. No one seems concerned.”

He criticized local media outlets for not reporting on information that was released last week. Tallahassee Reports was the only local media outlet to cover the crime data as of this morning. TR’s story was posted on Sunday and can be read here.

McNeil discussed his plan to address the crime issue which included more focus on violent offenders and gangs, the creation of a Leon County Youth Ranch, intervention with juveniles and the development of more effective community partnerships.

McNeil has been aggressive in tying the current Sheriff, Mike Wood, to the crime issue even though state numbers show that the crime-rate in the Sheriff’s jurisdiction is below the state average.

McNeil argues that the Sheriff’s Department, who he says patrols within the City and makes arrests in the City, needs to show more leadership and take more responsibility for the deteriorating crime numbers in the community.

During the press conference, McNeil said “some have settled for a new normal.” When asked who has settled, he would mention no names but said his colleagues and leaders in the community.

McNeil’s campaign handed out a flyer which showed that crime fell by 45% in the eleven years during McNeil’s tenure as Chief of Police. TR did confirm the accuracy of the claim.

6 Responses to "Sheriff Candidate McNeil Concerned About the Lack of Outrage Over Leon County Crime Rate"

  1. I’m concerned too. I’m especially concerned about the 14% increase in forced rape. What if we used the $23,000 to address the increase in forced rape. What if the $23,000 prevented just one forcible rape? Would that be worth it?

  2. crime is going to keep going up as long as local, state, and the federal gov’t subsidize bad behavior and assume financial responsibility for the family. generous welfare payments have decimated the south side. there is no incentive to work nor take responsibility. police offers can’t stop this, nor can an increase in budget to hire more police officers.

  3. I got to know Walt McNeil well when he was Chief of Police of Tallahassee. When he was head of Juvenile Justice he listened to my suggestions. I run into him on occasion and we talk.

    In my mind he is far and away the best candidate for Leon County Sheriff.

    Like Walt, I wonder where the outrage is. I hope the electorate finds their outrage and votes for him.

  4. He needs to try to deflect attention from his own dismal record as Tallahassee chief of police, Secretary of two state agencies as well as the chief of police in Quincy. You think someone that’s hopped from job to job as much as he has would be able to point to at least one accomplishment under their reign but he can’t do that!

    1. Didn’t the last paragraph of the article describe an accomplishment, and seemingly impressive one, that TR confirmed was accurate?

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