UPDATED: Pool Party Canceled at Old School

UPDATED: Pool Party Canceled at Old School


Tallahassee Reports has been informed by Randall Mills, a representative of the Old School, that the party scheduled for tonight has been cancelled. Old School released a statement which reads: “There are no events tonight at Old School. A third party promoter violated our terms and conditions and we were forced to cancel the event.”

Multiple sources told TR the decision to cancel the event happened sometime yesterday.


Tallahassee Reports has confirmed that the owners of the City of Tallahassee subsidized restaurant, the Edison, are also part owners of a venue, known as the Old School, that will host an event on June 10 2016, featuring “pole dancers.”

TR received a number of phone calls questioning the legality of the event on a number of fronts.

The owners of the Edison, Adam Corey and Ryan Grindler, are listed as managing partners of Old School LLC and part-owners of the Old School property located at 633 West Pensacola Street.

Mr. Corey, according the City of Tallahassee, is also a registered lobbyist. One of his clients is the Leon County School Board. He is also the former owner of the night club 101 which was recently closed.

The Old School is described on their website as a private club comprised of Florida State alumni and fans that come together each home football game to commemorate the heritage and tradition of our beloved Seminoles.

Based on online promotional advertising, on June 10, 2016, the Old School is scheduled to be transformed into the “Belaire Mansion” for a pool party. The advertisement is listed below.

Old School Mansion Flyer2

The advertisement states that the party is the ultimate bachelor party and that “Mizhani  and Spyda” will perform live.

Research indicates that”Mizhani” is a “pole dancer.” Videos of her performances show Mizhani barely dressed and dancing around a pole with men throwing dollar bills on stage.

The video link of a prior performance in Tallahassee at the Cheeks Lounge can be seen here. CAUTION, GRAPHIC MATERIAL.

Cheeks Lounge was the location where a Tallahassee Police Officer shot and killed 18-year-old Duane Strong in May of 2014. The City recently settled the case for $325,000. The club is now shut down.

Other social media advertisements verify the event and encourages patrons to “BRING YOUR $1’s.”



TR talked to the City of Tallahassee’s Growth Management Department who said that an event selling tickets could not be held at the Old School property location based on zoning issues. The property is listed as single-family in a zone labeled University Transition.

However, as of Thursday night, code enforcement was unable to say if the show would be stopped.

Based on Leon County adult entertainment ordinances, questions have also been raised about the sale of liquor during such events.

TR tried unsuccessfully to reach the City Attorney, Lew Shelley.

TR will continue to seek answers about the regulations in place for such activities.

31 Responses to "UPDATED: Pool Party Canceled at Old School"

  1. When I heard Adam was having pole dancers at his place for a party, my first thought was:
    “Wow, do males pole dance too?”

  2. This is not the only event. There are more events scheduled and there were many more in the past. Its a matter of time something bad happens at this establishment.
    Here is an upcoming event called “Liquid Cocaine” Name says it call. It is advertised to take place on Friday July22nd. If you got money, you can pretty much have any event you want at Old School till you are caught 🙂
    Advertising for event right here:


  3. It’s only a matter of time before Adam Corey’s house of cards falls down taking everyone that hitched themselves to it with him. Our Tallahassee elected officials should all be investigated starting with the mayor on down to the school superintendent. I often wonder how these individuals sleep at night.

    “Preston Scott” – I have a child who’s friends talk about the numerous drug and alcohol fueled parties that are held impromptu at Old School on the weekends. You’d be careful not to rouse up anything you don’t want said if you have some sort of vested interest in Old School. It’s a small city, people talk, and they name names.

  4. Preston:

    What bubble did you burst? Re-read my comment.


    Did this event occur or not. I went by there and saw no evidence that it did.

  5. Leon Co. Sch. Brd. contracts paid Adam Corey, who has girls pole dancing and is serving liquor to minors at his ‘FSU Old School’ venue. SHAME on Superintendent Pons & ALL School Brd. Members for approving ANY funds be paid to Adam Corey. NOTE: Adam Corey GAVE Jackie Pons FREE use of One O One for a campaign fundraiser – a legal and ethical CONFLICT of interest! Adam Corey CHARGED other candidates for use of One O One. LCS paid for Jackie’s use of One O One, via the contracts pd. to Adam Corey. VOTERS…STOP PONS ABUSE OF HIS POSITION AS SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS.

  6. If you remember, Adam Corey hosted similar events at The Edison when it first opened. Since that was exposed, it seems he moved them to his other venture, Old School. To avoid future scrutiny, I’m sure Adam’s name will mysteriously disappear from the Old School LLC documents. By the way Adam, if you and your crew are going to comment here, just use your real names.

  7. WOW! Where is the integrity in our leadership? If our leaders have any it’s past time they stand up and take a stand for them…or else this is there stand…we and our friends are above the rules!

  8. Old School is private property that is available to rent for private events.  We have strict rules at the property governing the behavior of our customers.  Unfortunately, the recent group advertised activities that we do not condone.  They did this without our prior approval or consent.  Once we learned of them, we canceled the event.  We wish to stress that this was not an event hosted by or organized in any way by Old School.  We hope you will update your article accordingly.  Thanks.

    1. What about all the events and people you have there when it’s not rented out as you serve underage college students liquor? A couple of searches on Facebook and posts by your cronies can easily produce the rampant violations that occur readily on the premises of your entity. I hope you will worry more about updating your behavior accordingly before worrying about an article.

  9. Code enforcement instruction on TalGov.com:

    “Citizens may access our Code Enforcement Hotline 24/7 to report code violations that they observe. The number for this voice-mail service is 891-CODE (891-2633), or use DigiTally.”

    (Note: “DigiTally” is the latest and greatest development in how Tallahassee dis-enfranchises 80+% of the public from even being able to contact the city to discuss/report a problem.)

    Out-Of-Control parties may be reported to Tallahassee Police Department, also online:


    Scroll down to the “see something, say something do something” line in the menu of crimes.
    or call: …. who knows..number not displayed.

    TPD has an online page for party situations:


    There is no method shown for reporting problems about a party.

    So if you can’t figure out how to report the situation, there is no situation to report.

    This is a very good article to highlight how evasive the City of Tallahassee has become. Bit by bit, most of the population have been placed in a position so far from being able to act, they are no longer relevant to the process.

  10. This event was cancelled. Old School was in discussions with a third party group about renting their facility. Once they learned of the unauthorized fliers and plans of the group, they had it cancelled. Did TR reach out to anyone for comment before posting this story? I think this story needs to be retracted.

    1. TR talked to one of the promoters last night before posting the story -the event was still on. We repeatedly called the phone number for the Old School and their was no answer. Social media posts said the event was sold out as late as last night. We did our due diligence.

      1. This event is not occurring on the premises and this website needs to place an update or correction prominently displayed on this article that the event will not be occurring and was immediately terminated as soon as the true alleged nature of the event was discovered.

        1. I agree. It appears that the owners are acting responsibly in this case. Its unfair to continue to allow the article and headline to continue in the current form since the event has been canceled.

          1. We are awaiting a reply from the event coordinator. As soon as we can speak to someone on the record or see notification publicly, we will update story. As of this comment, you can still order tickets online. The publisher can be reached at 850-766-6207.

          2. Steve has had a personal vendetta against Adam Corey and this has been a steady theme of this site. There is a lot of irrelevant information in this article that is simply placed to make Adam and his associates look bad. The shooting at Cheeks has no relevance other than that the performer was seen once at the same venue (probably not the same night). The fact that Adam lobbies for the school board was thrown in as well for the ick factor. TR needs to drop this very personal vendetta and stick to real news.

    2. “Questions” (Old School representative): you only cancelled the event because you were called out on it. Had that not been the case, you would’ve slimily tried to go through with it regard of city ordinance rules. Worry more about abiding by the rules rather than the retraction of a story calling you out for not doing so.

  11. As if Corey doesn’t have enough problems with 101….he also wants the Edison to be exempt from any closing time…shoot, just load up and go straight to work. When you’re best buds with the mayor the rules don’t apply.

  12. Once again, Corey and crew who are entrenched with the Mayor are circumnavigating city laws to host an event and the city remains mum on it. There will be liquor served at this event as there is every weekend while these individuals invite young impressionable college students out to Old School to feed them liquor underage. I’m saddened at the culture that Gillum has created.

  13. This has nothing to do with FSU alums.
    This is an event similar to several in the past where someone got shot. First time I recall was at The Spartan.
    The attendees at this party will not be, mainly, FSU types.
    Watch the 11:00 O’clock news on the 10th.

    1. I hate to burst you bubble here Bob, but Old School has FSU in it’s official website title, FSU Old School. This is directly from its site under “About Us”: Old School Society is a private club comprised of Florida State alumni and fans that come together each home football game to commemorate the heritage and tradition of our beloved Seminoles. Not only do members get a chance to re-live the glory days of collegiate life, but they are given an opportunity to celebrate with a brand of class and style unique to Tallahassee. Old School provides a first-class, resort-style atmosphere that is not only unmatched at FSU, but unrivaled across the college football landscape. Our pigskin oasis is located in the middle of campus along Pensacola Street, less than a mile from Doak Campbell Stadium — it makes for a fun and festive walk on game day. Our private pre- and post-game tailgates are between seven (7) and nine (9) hours long in total and include live entertainment, catering by some of the area’s finest restaurants, open bar, shuttle service to and from the stadium, an infinity pool with a 16-person hot tub, private cabanas with bottle service, appearances from ex-players… and so much more that you truly must see to believe.

      1. And that has to do with the ability to make it available for private rental how? Did the event occur as advertised? Watered down? Not at all?

  14. I never cease to be amazed at what happens in our city. First we subsidized a restaurant that is now planning to have pole dancing and our city commissioners voted to allow bars to be open until 4am. What will be next?

    1. Wrong, this party was to be held on private property owned by the Old School organization, not on city property. Maybe read the article next time?

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