McNeil Releases Campaign Ad, Hits Crime-Rate and “All American City” Award

McNeil Releases Campaign Ad, Hits Crime-Rate and “All American City” Award

Leon County Sheriff candidate Walt McNeil has released a hard hitting TV advertisement which is sure to generate controversy on a number of fronts. The ad is entitled “Number One.”

In the press release accompanying a link to the video, shown below, McNeil references the latest crime statistics and states, “This cannot become our new normal. Someone has to fight for Leon County and literally protect us. Rick Scott’s appointed sheriff isn’t doing the job, the numbers prove it.”

The latest ad mentions the All American City award recently won by the City of Tallahassee and then a gun shot rings out and an ominous voice  speaks about the recent crime-rate information released by FDLE.

McNeil continues to make the argument that Sheriff Mike Wood is responsible for a rising crime-rate even though the data shows that the increase is due to incidents occurring in the City of Tallahassee.

In addition, trends show crime was increasing in the City of Tallahassee before Wood was appointed Sheriff.

At recent political forum’s Sheriff Wood has said that the rising crime rate is “unacceptable” and has talked about new Sheriff’s Office initiatives that include a mentoring program for school children and an anti-gang effort.

Despite these points, McNeil argues, as Sheriff, he would provide more leadership and step-up cooperation among law enforcement entities.

8 Responses to "McNeil Releases Campaign Ad, Hits Crime-Rate and “All American City” Award"

  1. esprit de l’escalier

    Answer your critic who says the problem lies in the police team assembled during your tenure. How many command and how many officers who are there now came on board during that decade.

  2. I know the accepted wisdom is that ads such as this work but I don’t accept that notion. Tell me what you will do if elected not what the incumbent has not done since appointment.

    Will you push for consolidation? Why? Why not?

    Will you open the Sims case record. Why? Why not?
    Larry always refused. Will you?

    Like that.

  3. Exceptthe reality is Walt is the one that assembled the Tallahassee Police Department which is responsible for the high crime rate within the city limits. Why would we want to give him even broader jurisdiction?

  4. All aspects of the increased crime rate statistics should be covered. First, it is my understanding that most of the violent crimes have been black on black, occurring in the south side of the city and in the vicinity of FAMU. Another aspect to discuss would be that is it possible the high crime statistics are surfacing, not because of a problem with law enforcement, but because our officers are doing a better job of enforcing the laws with proactive tactics resulting in more arrests.

    1. Just say it…. It’s black folks fault for high crime in our city. Well if you believe that then try this on for size… Maybe we need a “BLACK” Sheriff because the “WHITE” Sheriff ain’t working! One stupid comment deserves a stupid response… FSU Professor-white criminal, the deputy killed- white criminal, etc.

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