Black Fig Aims To Bring Families Together At Dinner

Black Fig Aims To Bring Families Together At Dinner

blackfig2By Hunter Mall

TALLAHASSEE – For the last six years Mark Suber, the head chef and owner the Black Fig, which is located in the Market District, specializes in freshly prepared gourmet food. With a selection of local ingredients including, sweet rastari from Thomasville, organic chicken from Havana, handmade crackers from North Florida, and the locally famous Bradley’s sausage; each meal is hand crafted by exquisite chefs.

However, the Black Fig is not a dine-in restaurant. Rather, they offer a new dining experience where restaurant quality meets the comfort of your home. Services range from in-store pickup for family meals to full staff catering for large events. The Black Fig will work around whatever your needs may be.

A large part of the Black Fig’s mission statement is to establish a dinner table that is focused around family and fresh food. Parents now-a-days are always so busy, whether it is dropping off kids at soccer practice or picking them up after work, the idea of eating freshly prepared food as a family has almost become a tradition for older generations.

The entire family meal concept has been reinvented in this new age. Individuals do not have the time to sit down and eat at a restaurant. One of the two areas of The Black Fig is in-store pick-up, where consumers can delight in the ever changing menu, where no one day is the same.

“Each and every day we offer something different to ensure our customers receive the full blend of gourmet food. The Black Fig simply offers a new way of having your home cooked meal by six o’clock,” said Suber.

Dining habits vary from age to age. For instance, older adults may go out to eat once or twice a week and younger individuals may go out once or twice a day. This places a huge emphasis for culinary businesses to provide fresh, healthy, and affordable food; three things which the Black Fig were adamant about during the course of the interview. The Black Fig is located in the Steinmart shopping center and is ready to bring your family around fresh, quality, home-made meals.



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