Dispatch Agency Director Left Tallahassee Saturday Morning for Family Vacation

Dispatch Agency Director Left Tallahassee Saturday Morning for Family Vacation

Sources informed TR that Dee Crumpler, the Director of the Consolidated Dispatcher Agency (CDA), left Tallahassee Saturday morning for a family vacation in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, two days after hurricane Hermine moved through Leon County.

When contacted by TR, Crumpler confirmed the information and said  the vacation had been planned for months and the CDA Board was aware of his trip.

When asked about the impact of his absence after the hurricane, Crumpler said, “we have a good team in place.”

Mr. Crumpler was appointed interim Director of the CDA in December, 2015 and appointed permanent Director of the CDA in May of this year with a salary of $140,000.

Documents indicate that the CDA position is a “highly responsible leadership, administrative and professional position which reports to the six-member Public Safety Communications Board and is appointed by the County Administrator, City Manager and County Sheriff.”

Also, the Director is an advocate with local agencies, associations, institutions, media, local/state/federal government and allied organizations and is responsible for ensuring the agency remains technologically advanced and provides high quality emergency service to residents.

TR visited the Leon County Public Safety Complex on Sunday and was told that Mr. Crumpler was not on the premises, but would not confirm his location.

TR attempted to reach Vince Long and Sheriff Mike Wood, both members of the CDA Board, but texts and phone calls were not returned.

Crumpler was appointed to the position without a formal job search after Tim Lee resigned from the position. Crumpler was recommended for the position by City Manager Rick Fernandez.

9 Responses to "Dispatch Agency Director Left Tallahassee Saturday Morning for Family Vacation"

  1. Get real people. You must ask yourselves: Are YOU standing by to assist 300,000 people 24 hours a day? Is the director of the CDA visiting each family and being invited in for a friendly dinner or THANK YOU for the past year of great service?
    Of course not. Don’t you think that the CDA is comprised of knowlegeable, capable staff members who are trained to be dedicated and serve the public?
    Everyone needs a bit of R & R to survive the storms of living + work. Don’t you think this would be an exceptionally stressful job??
    I say hooray to the boss for taking care of his family for a few days and not allowing the public to drag him down with their own needs 24/7.
    Let the guy be real.

  2. why am i not surprise. just another one of the city offical who only care about themselves and fat salaries they mak. i so agree with comment by Jane the position should be eliminated at the CDA.

  3. It would be interesting to see the number of calls beginning Thursday night through the next week compared to last month and last year during this same time frame.

  4. Is anyone surprised at this? Crumpler I just another overpaid career bureaucrat who puts his own interest above above the citizens he is supposedly serving.

    We will not hear one peep about this from the Tallahassee Democrat.

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