Outage Update, Westminster Oaks and Killearn Acres

Outage Update, Westminster Oaks and Killearn Acres

Outage Update

Based on data from utility provider websites as of 10:30 am today, Leon County has approximately 30,000 customers without power. The report shows 24,900 without power in the City of Tallahassee service area and approximately 5,300 in the Talquin service area.

The City of Tallahassee recently projected that power will be restored to 90% of customers by nightfall on Labor Day. That means that the number of customer without power should be around 12,000 just before the FSU game.

Westminster Oaks, a retirement community which is home to approximately 700 elderly, was without power until late yesterday. Approximately 5o hours after the storm moved through, the City of Tallahassee had power restored.

Killearn Acres

A ride through Killearn Acres this morning yielded the sound of generators with no utility trucks in sight. Also, power lines were still stretched across Pimlico Road, which was closed.

Yesterday, TR traveled the neighborhood and talked to several residents. The concern expressed was that no utility trucks had been seen in the area since the stormed passed through Thursday morning.

In addition to the Pimlico Road situation, we saw two other power lines down and a transformer hanging from a utility pole. We talked to two City of Tallahassee employees who appeared to be canvasing the neighborhood about 48 hours after the storm had passed. They could give no time line of when work would begin in Killearn Acres.

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  1. As I was driving to work this Thursday morning I saw 10 utility trucks traveling north on Thomasville Rd. I can only hope they were heading for Killearn Acre, but more likely, knowing out Dear Local Leader, Obama Light, they were heading out of town.

  2. This is a great example of why the power should not be owned by the City but by a private company. Take the politics and incompetent politicians out at the same time.

  3. The Pimlico Drive between dancer and jet pilot outage site was evaluated on Friday by City Power. They told us then that because the two very close to each other but distinct electrical events affected relatively few homes, and involved installing two new power poles, we’d be towards the end of the line. Law enforcement manned the place where the wires drop until Sunday. Since then just barricades.

    Yesterday morning they told us they expected to have the poles and be here today.

    Today they are here and expect to be done by nightfall.

    Pimlico is a major road through Killearn Acres, so those who were just impacted by the road access far outnumber those who have been affected by the power outage.

  4. Once things have gotten back to “normal”, a community meeting should be called to discuss who set priorities of addressing electric outages. It should be a plan that was, hopefully, already approved and, if so, a copy should be made public. If so, was it followed and, if not, what public documents (e-mails, outage reports, etc.) are available to see the timeline of this decision making. Leaving Westminster Oaks and other equally important retirement communities, plus other at-risk communities out of the “immediate” needs category and putting FSU students ahead of this retirement community is ill-advised, at best, and dangerous due to the health needs of some residents, at worse.

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