Leon County Commission to Consider $50K for Unique Doak Campbell Concert

Leon County Commission to Consider $50K for Unique Doak Campbell Concert

On Tuesday the Leon County Commission will consider spending $50,000 in Tourist Development Tax monies to support a November 12, 2016 concert at Doak Campbell Stadium.

The concert, the first held at Doak Campbell in 25 years, will feature Tyler Farr and Dominion, plus Bobby Bones and the Raging Idiots. The concert would follow FSU’s Friday night game against Boston College.

The expenditure has been recommended by the Tourist Development Council (TDC).

The analysis provided to Leon County Commissioners indicates that for several years staff has been discussing with Florida State University (FSU) the possibility of utilizing Doak Campbell Stadium for concerts, but those conversations were put on hold due to the construction of the new Champions Club.

With the completion of the Champions Club and the fact that FSU’s home game during this particular weekend is on a Friday, FSU and the Seminole Boosters believe that a Saturday evening concert will increase the economic impact for Tallahassee businesses that rely on full game weekends. For example, hotels will be hurt by a Friday game by fans who leave Tallahassee after one night.

Officials say an in-stadium Saturday night concert will be appealing to music fans, enticing them to come to Tallahassee when they otherwise might stay home, and also encourage the Florida State fan base to remain in Tallahassee for the entire Boston College game weekend.

Officials told the TDC that the new club seats at Doak Campbell Stadium and the new video scoreboard have transformed the stadium into a much improved concert venue. In addition, FSU is planning an extensive marketing campaign for the weekend to boosters, athletic event ticket buyers, alumni and other audiences.

Tourism Development staff will also conduct outreach through their website, public relations efforts, email and social media.

Marketing information describes the event as:

The Friday Night Block Party moves to a special Saturday Night Party. Headliners Old Dominion and Tyler Farr will perform inside Doak Campbell Stadium. National Radio star Bobby Bones will open Doak Campbell Stadium. It’s the first time a concert has been held inside of Doak Campbell Stadium in several years. Country music stars will entertain the Noles fan.

FSU hopes to build on the success of the November 12th concert by hosting additional performances in the spring.

10 Responses to "Leon County Commission to Consider $50K for Unique Doak Campbell Concert"

  1. If you have to pay a musical group to perform, they’re not much of a group to begin with! This means they won’t bring in much if any revenue. And you know FSU has to get their cut.

  2. The county has reportedly lost 180K on their 6 shows they produced at Cascade, why stop now? As one commissioner told me ” Well, sometimes you have to lose money to make it.” I thought it interesting as I know for fact that person has never owned a business… and the beat goes on..

  3. I bet someone could use a fire hydrant on their street more than a concert. Let the alumni pay for the concert the seem to have a lot of money. Or better yet the strength coach could pay for it out of his quarter million yearly salary since he didn’t use a taxi to take his drunken self home

  4. Real easy question for the commission. What will the $50K be spent for? If a profit (as Vic stated) from the concert is made, does the county get reimbursed their, excuse me, OUR $50K? Also, where is the $50K coming from out of our county budget? Is it from a surplus, or will some other needed entity be given the “We’re sorry” statement because the county had to spend that money on a concert?

    Anyone in commission care to answer? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

  5. Most concert promoters make a profit when promoting a concert. Our tone-deaf commissioners have figured out a way to lose $50,000 on a concert.

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