Leon County Democratic Party Politicizes Judge Race

Leon County Democratic Party Politicizes Judge Race

Layne Smith ended up winning the race for Leon County Judge Seat 2, but not before the Leon County Democratic Executive Committee, lead by Allison Tant (pictured above), did their best to politicize a non-partisan judge race.

Judicial candidates are bound to campaign rules prepared by the Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee and published by the Office of the State Courts Administrator.

For example, the rules state judicial candidates when speaking at forums “should refrain from commenting on the candidate’s affiliation with any political party or other candidate, and should avoid expressing a position on any political issue.”

The obvious goal is to keep partisan politics out of  judicial campaigns.

However, Ms. Tant and the Leon County Democratic Executive Committee decided to politicize the race by sending out a mailer (a portion is shown below) that tied judicial candidate Layne Smith to Governor Rick Scott. The mailer told voters Smith and Scott were “too close for comfort” and asked voters to “send a message by voting against Layne Smith.”

Layne Smith was appointed to his position by Rick Scott, just like Democrat Mike Wood was appointed Leon County Sheriff by the Governor after Larry Campbell passed away.


The mailer also offered support for Smith’s opponent, Monique Richardson under the heading “IMPORTANT DEMOCRATIC VOTER ALERT.”

The effort by Ms. Tant and the local Democratic Party failed, but it is a reminder of how partisan politics continues to contaminate non-partisan races, including judicial contests.

8 Responses to "Leon County Democratic Party Politicizes Judge Race"

  1. Judge Smith has a proven record of fair and concise judgements from the bench. He has been steadfast in the courtroom and continues to be firm when necessary, but give fair decisions within the state statues.

    He, by far, was the better qualified candidate to retain the position and the people of Leon County have been better for it.

    Moreover, it is for the reason mentioned here that party politics should stay out of local races, including commission and Sheriff races should be run non-partisan, always.

  2. Judge Smith was the most qualified candidate. Even if you don’t like Scott, it’s not the Judge’s fault he was appointed by him. Glad he won.

  3. From my observations of liberals and conservatives during the past eight years of the obama administration, and seeing countless news articles from a variety of media sources over the same period, I’ve concluded that a great many liberals and Democrats lack any sort of moral rudder. In their value system, there is no concept of “right” or “wrong” – there is only what gets the job done, and whatever that is, it’s fine as long as it works.

    A prime example is Hillary Clinton’s overwhelming evidence of obvious pay-for-play scheme with her utterly illegal private (and unsecured) email server, and her clearly evidenced lies surrounding Benghazi and the four Americans she left to die despite many repeated calls for help. In the liberal Democrat’s view, the only thing she did “wrong” in both cases is she got caught. Clear evidence: both liberal Democrats and the mainstream media continue to spin the claim she did nothing wrong, when any rational person can see that she clearly committed profound “wrongs”. I won’t even bother with obama’s many wrongs, there isn’t room or time here.

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