Private Group to Address Post-Hurricane Recovery Best Practices

Private Group to Address Post-Hurricane Recovery Best Practices

The Citizen’s for Responsible Spending, a group created by Barney Bishop to monitor local spending in the City of Tallahassee, has created a task force to propose a model of best practices to ensure a smooth and rapid, coordinated response to emergencies like those created by Hurricane Hermine.

The task force will be chaired by former Lt. Governor Jeff Kottcamp and J. Sam Bell, P.E.

Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp served in the Florida House of Representatives from 2000-2006, he served as Lt. Governor from 2007-2011, and has chaired Space Florida as well as Florida’s Children & Youth Cabinet.

Sam Bell has 45 years of utilities experience, including 30 years with Florida Power and Light, five years with the City of Tallahassee as both Utility Director and Assistant City Manager. Further, Bell was a member of the Florida Energy Commission from 2007-09.

The goals of the task force includes proposing best practices with regards to chain-of-command and post storm communication efforts, prioritizing public and private asset allocation, and assessing strategic partnerships.

“This private-sector task force is not about reviewing what went right and wrong when Hurricane Hermine hit Tallahassee,” Bishop said. “It’s about how our community can be better prepared for the next hurricane or natural disaster, and how we can share these lessons with others across our state and nation.”

Other individuals on the task force include:

— Colleen Castille, secretary of the former Florida Department of Community Affairs, past head of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and a veteran of the state’s Emergency Operations Center.

— John McEachern, former city president of Georgia Federal Bank and a regional vice president for GE Capital.

— Tom Napier, a retired Leon County Clerk of Courts employee, former advisory board director for ProBank and State Board of Administration Pension Advisory Board member.

— Victoria Zepp, chair of the Florida Children and Youth Cabinet technology workgroup on interagency data and information sharing and former executive director of Florida TaxWatch’s Center for Competitive Florida.

6 Responses to "Private Group to Address Post-Hurricane Recovery Best Practices"

  1. Just a note, FP&L had over 200,000 customers’ power restored after Hurricane Matthew on the Sunday after the storm hit (Thur-Fri)in Brevard County.

  2. I strongly support the concept of citizen oversight of all government functions and I applaud the creation of such groups. For maximum credibility, members of such groups must be TOTALLY transparent in their involvement with and contributions to the elected officials who will be impacted by the group’s inevitable findings.
    I deeply appreciate the commitment of the members to voluntarily serve us all.

  3. I hope they plug in the factor that there are 3 elected officials who don’t live in their districts and this is wreaking havoc on this community. Rules and laws are in place for a reason. Only weeks ago Barney Bishop declared on this message board that Scott Maddox was the most qualified in his race for city commissioner. This is one example of many why elected officials are allowed to get away with corruption that responsible citizens who should be speaking out go along with the corruption; even promoting it and contributing to it.

    Actually, Mr. Maddox is the LEAST qualified to be on the ballot and should not even have qualified. I believe it was irresponsible for Mr. Bishop to pronounce Mr. Maddox the most qualified.

    When one does not actually live in their district that district does not get the attention and representation it deserves. It is not right, it is not legal, and the community is not better for it. Number one in crime, a failed CDA, and now this committee to pick up the slack because our elected officials are not doing their jobs.

    Please take seriously the importance of elected officials following the law even if they are your friend or neighbor. The community will be better for it.

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