Leon County Loses Jobs In August, Unemployment Rate Declines

Leon County Loses Jobs In August, Unemployment Rate Declines

The State of Florida employment report for August shows that Leon County lost 701 jobs. This loss followed a gain of 308 jobs (revised) in July.

Even with the August decline, the unemployment rate dropped from the 5.0% reported in July to 4.7% in August. This drop is due to a decrease in the Leon county workforce. The workforce declined by 1,124 to a 2016 low of 146,986.

Also, despite the August losses, approximately 603 more people were working in August of this year when compared to August of last year. The latest report shows that 140,028 people were employed in August, 2016. There were 139,425 people employed during August of last year.

During the first eight months of 2015, Leon County loss 2,030 jobs, but added 2,313 from September through December. From January to August of 2016, Leon county has lost 1,710 jobs – approximately 15% less than last year. 

At the state-level, Florida also loss jobs (31,000) in August and the workforce declined. The unemployment rate fell from 5.1% in July tp 4.9% in August.

The chart below shows the monthly number of jobs and also a line tracking the three-month average of people employed. The 3-month trend line indicates employment is clearly trending down. The chart also shows the cyclical rebound in employment that occurred from August through October of 2015.

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