City to Move on Market District Repurposing Plan

City to Move on Market District Repurposing Plan

Approximately five years ago, the City of Tallahassee established a Market District Action Plan for the business area in northeast Tallahassee. The plan was part of the City’s placemaking efforts designed to enhance the identities of locations around town where people like to gather. The City has spent millions of dollars enhancing commerce districts like Midtown and Gaines Street.

However, as TR wrote here, the City has allocated approximately $500,000 to the Market District, but only about $21,000 has been expended.

This is about to change.

At their next meeting, the City Commission will vote on a staff recommendation to purchase two parcels of land needed for the Market District Multi-Purpose Stormwater Project.  The parcels are located west of Maclay Boulevard and are unimproved with the exception of infrastructure.

The purchase price is $310,000 and the funding will be provided from Project #16128 (Maclay Square Pond Improvements Project), which has a balance of $584,610.

Based on input from stakeholders,  the Market District Action Plan calls for the repurposing of the existing stormwater ponds (shown below) in the center of the Market District.


The plan is to turn the stormwater project into an area that will become a center of activity in the Market District, as shown below.


The agenda item recommending the City’s approval of the project states:

The Real Estate Committee reviewed and approved the purchase sell agreement on July 26, 2016.  The agreement is contingent upon City Commission approval.  Staff recommends approval of the purchase to facilitate development of the Market District Multi-Purpose Stormwater Project.  As the stormwater project has progressed it has become apparent that such a facility may serve as the catalyst for the Commission’s Sense of Place effort by facilitating many Market District Action Plan goals. on placemaking efforts.

The City Commission meeting is Wednesday, September 28th, at 4 p.m.

6 Responses to "City to Move on Market District Repurposing Plan"

  1. Cascades park was such a great investment to Tallahassee. The amphitheater and Edison’s restaurant Besides improving tthe area made Tallahassee a better place. I love attending concerts and events there. I live close by market square and believe this project will enhance the area and provide people place and reason to get out and or excercise.

  2. Please construct a covered area for the Tallahassee Farmers mkt.
    It is important to have fresh food and pedestrian traffic to keep the area vibrant

  3. The Market Square area doesn’t need ‘repurposing’. It is thriving quite nicely without the city’s intervention.

  4. Why are we turning a drainage facility into a park when we have so many other needs? Aren’t there enough parks in the NE with Meridan, Forest Meadows, Miller Landing, Phipps-Overstreet, AJ Henry? Use that money for places that don’t have sidewalks.

  5. The city is ‘nickel and diming’ away our tax $$$ with projects such as these which require maintenance and up keep. That costs $$$. The best example of this is the maintenance tab for Cascades Park…$500,000 per year.

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