Wikileaks Email Shows Gillum Made Early VP List in African American “Food Group”

Wikileaks Email Shows Gillum Made Early VP List in African American “Food Group”

The John Podesta emails posted by Wikileaks show that City of Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum’s name surfaced as a potential vice-presidential candidate for Hillary Clinton.

The leaked emails show that John Podesta, the head of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, shared an early list of potential vice-presidential candidates that were divided up in “rough food groups.” The “food group” terminology referred to candidates listed in groups based on race, sex and business experience.

The email below, written by Podesta, details one of the first meetings scheduled by the campaign to evaluate potential vice-president candidates.

> > On Mar 12, 2016, at 11:16 AM, John Podesta <
> >>>> wrote:
>>>> >for our call tomorrow (Cheryl, I’ll talk to you today) I did a first
>>>> cut of people worth considering. They are organized in rough food groups.

The African American “food group”, which included Gillum, is listed below.

Corey Booker
Deval Patrick
Kasim Reed
Anthony Foxx
Steve Benjamin
Andrew Gillum
Eric Holder

Other “food groups” included Hispanics, women, whites, and a group of business leaders. The candidates in those groups are listed below. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was included in a “food group” by himself.

The Hispanic “food group.”

Ken Salazar
Javier Becerra
Julian Castro
Tom Perez
Eric Garcetti
Kevin DeLeon

The female “food group.”

Amy Klobuchar
Claire McKaskill
Tammy Baldwin
Jeanne Shaheen
Debbie Stabenow
Elizabeth Warren

The white male “food group.”

Sherrod Brown
Tim Kaine
Terry McAuliffe
Chris Murphy
Tom Vilsack
Martin Heinreich

The business “food group.”

Tim Cook
Bill Gates
Melinda Gates
Howard Schultz
Mary Barra
Ursula Burns
Judith Rodin

12 Responses to "Wikileaks Email Shows Gillum Made Early VP List in African American “Food Group”"

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with Preston Scott on this. Need commissioners representing all of Tallahassee and do not need a Mayor position.

  2. I totally agree, WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot and Barney Bishop III.
    Even though the demeaning “food groups”, I’m sure that all the “food group” considerees is jumping up and down, with their hand in the air, saying, “pick me! Pick me!”
    There is no dignity in politics.

  3. I wholeheartedly agrree WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot…send him to DC where he can do less damage…he’s not focused here and that’s why he spent over $400,000 of taxpayer money hiring 9 aides to do the work that Tallahasseans elected him to do to begin with…good riddance…the sooner he leaves the better for all of us!

  4. The only good thing that may come if Lying Hillary get elected is maybe she will appoint him to some position in D.C. and we will be able to elect a mayor who is focused on Tallahassee, not Democratc party politics.

    1. Or, create and pass a referendum to do away with the position. Gillum’s multiple occupations proves there is no need for it. Go back to rotating Commissioners in and out of the Mayoral title. While we are at it, let’s go with dividing the city into districts. Once you get past Scott Maddox living in the county (everyone knows it) most live fairly close together. Very little actual community representation.

      1. Or, a referendum to more clearly specify the authority, limitations of authority, prohibition on outside employment and political activity. Specify term limits, staff, travel, leave approval. Require regular, monthly public forums, allow for recall votes.

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