Official Leon Election Guide Contains Picture of Candidate Mark Earley

Official Leon Election Guide Contains Picture of Candidate Mark Earley

The majority of Leon county voters may decide Mark Earley is their choice for Supervisor of Elections, but one thing they will have to accept when casting their vote is the questionable campaign activities of the current Leon County Supervisor of Elections, Ion Sancho, on Mr. Earley’s behalf.

Mr. Sancho, who has endorsed Mr. Earley, has come under fire by Earley’s opponent in the general election, former Florida State Representative Alan Williams, for biased campaign activities.

And now it appears there is mounting evidence to support the concerns voiced by Williams.

First, there was the concern verbalized by the Leon County Canvassing Board after the primary election in August. From our report:

Leon County Commissioner John Dailey asked Supervisor Sancho to use discretion when wearing a candidate’s button. He added that politics and perception go hand in hand and that while an action may be legal, it may not always be the best decision.(Commissioner Dailey was a member of the Canvassing Board)

TR broke the story and the full report can be found here.

Now comes the Official Election Guide for Leon County.

Mr. Earley is listed as a candidate in the 16-page guide which is published by the Supervisor of Elections and distributed to Leon County voters.

However, he is also listed in a picture on page 11 of the guide below the heading “Supervisor of Election Office Helps With Hermine Relief.” The picture caption reads “Mark Early, SOE staff, unloads relief supplies.” See below.

Page 11 of Official Election Guide for Leon County

Mr. Williams and his supporters are asking how does a picture of a candidate running for Supervisor of Elections and who has been endorsed by the current Supervisor of Elections end up in Leon County’s official election guide?

4 Responses to "Official Leon Election Guide Contains Picture of Candidate Mark Earley"

  1. The position of Supervisor of Elections is too important, too complex to be filled by a career politician who is just looking for a job while he figures out his next political move.
    It should be a total commitment, not a stopover.

  2. Alan Williams is a career politician. He needs to sit down and STFU. I never questioned my vote counting under Ion and I won’t under Mark. Alan, it’s time for you to fade into the sunset. Your whining is really unbecoming. Oh, and BTW, I did vote for you in the past, but not now. Go away, it’s time for some new blood.

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