Tallahassee Democrat – Client of Ausley Law Firm – Ignores Loranne Ausley PAC Donations

Tallahassee Democrat – Client of Ausley Law Firm – Ignores Loranne Ausley PAC Donations

The major donor to Loranne Ausley’s Florida 2020 PAC, DuBose Ausley, is listed as the former chairman and practicing attorney at the Ausley McMullen law firm, which represents the Tallahassee Democrat.

DuBose Ausley has donated $35,000 to the PAC. Loranne Ausley is DuBose Ausley’s daughter.

The Tallahassee Democrat has yet to report on the Florida 2020 PAC and it’s impact on the Florida State House District 9 race, featuring Democrat Loranne Ausley and GOP candidate Jim Messer.

TR broke a story about the Florida 2020 corporate donors and how Ausley’s campaign message against special interests were at odds with her fundraising activities. The report can be found here.

Candidate Ausley recently released a campaign advertisement that criticized special interests and tells voters that special interests “run our state government and control our legislators.”

The Florida 2020 PAC has accepted contributions from U.S. Sugar ($5,000), Disney ($10,000), and investor-owned utilities Florida Power & Light ($10,000) and TECO Energy ($5,000) .

TR’s report was sourced by a statewide news site, FloridaPolitics.com, under the headline “Loranne Ausley opposes specials interests – while her PAC takes their money.”

Why no coverage by the Tallahassee Democrat?

17 Responses to "Tallahassee Democrat – Client of Ausley Law Firm – Ignores Loranne Ausley PAC Donations"

  1. More sticking up for Alan Williams by SS. Could it have to do with Williams buying ads in TR? What about Ausley’s ad purchases in the democrat? Easy to see if she “bought” influence. Must not be much. Seems like TR selectively reports based on what special interests want. Same old same old.

    1. Ads supporting her campaign or attacking Mr. Messer are often not bought by her or her campaign, they are bought by high sounding PACs funded by her daddy or other special interest groups. That way many expenditures for TD ads or other venues are not shown in her campaign reports. An ethical loophole in the election law.

  2. Huge development in Alan Williams case — much bigger than buttons and pictures. TR asleep at switch. Oh, maybe its because Williams bought an ad. Hmmmmm.

        1. Oh, it’s in the Democrat, much coverage of lesser stuff than big deal TR is silent on. Or is that the bigger deal than the lesser stuff because, maybe, he bought an ad??? Thanks, Crazy.

    1. I feel sorry for the harder working employees getting axed over there. Did they axes the people that lead it into the sinkhole (I’m looking at you, Ensley, et.al.)? No, fate retirements.

      I wonder if there will even be a whisper in the breeze when it finally goes belly up?

  3. Businesses…some large, some small, contribute to folks they want to have in office. That, in itself, is not a problem. What is a problem, is that when a candidate who does receive ‘such’ contributions rails against special interests…some of which have contributed to her campaign. More of a problem, is the supposed local ‘watchdog’ (meaning TD)is hiding this information that voters need to know.

  4. She claims to be opposed to big special interest organizations. If she is, why do they contribute to her campaign? Could it be because they think she will represent them?
    If her daddy represents special interests, she will too in the legislature.
    Don’t expect the Democrat to change its political agenda or to report any news that is contrary to its political objectives. Its editorial staff has lost any semblance of true professional journalism.

  5. What should really be interesting is to find out how much Ausley spent in political ads with the Democrat. Easy to look up right?

    1. The main issue is her loyalty to special interests and the very real danger that her votes in the legislature will reflect that loyalty instead of a commitment to Tallahasse residents. Sounds like she has ethical issues.

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