In Search of Love: A National Shower (Vol 1)

In Search of Love: A National Shower (Vol 1)

by Trent Pelham

This has been one of the nastiest election cycles that many of us have ever experienced. I’ve heard some people say, regardless of who wins, we’re going to need a national shower after this thing’s over.

I totally understand this sentiment. Where can we find relief? Where is the love in all this?

It may not be that complicated, but it may not be that easy, either. One of my favorite lines from the movie Forrest Gump, is when Forrest said, “I may not be a smart man, but I know what love is, Jenny.” In spite of everything he faced, love was important to Forrest and he was confident that he knew what love was.

I somehow find this comforting. Perhaps because the concept of love may be more simple than intellectually advanced. However, love can mean different things to different people. It can range from a simple act of kindness to the deepest, most passionate feelings.

Do you love? If so, who do you love? I love my family. I love my dog, too. But what about the homeless person on the street corner? Should I love them? What about the person that may hate me? Is my first impulse to be angry at them, or am I supposed to love them too?

As a Christian, I know the answer to these questions. I should love them all, but that’s easier said than done. If I’m somehow able to do this then the only way for me to get there will be through my faith. I’m certainly no theologian, but I believe that all of Christianity can be summed up into one word: “Love”.

This simple concept was repeated throughout the New Testament. Through all of His teaching, Jesus emphasized this point repeatedly. Near the end of his life, Jesus summarized His teachings by giving us a single new commandment.

The only commandment He gave and perhaps the most important commandment of them all. He said, “Love one another.” There it is. It’s like the answer key to the other Ten Commandments. It’s like the answer key to Christianity. If you do this one, the other commandments are practically covered. If you do this one, we might find that shower.

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