High Stakes In Property Appraiser Race

High Stakes In Property Appraiser Race

TALLAHASSEE — Greg Lane has a lot at stake if he wins the race for Leon County Property Appraiser. Over the last 25 years, he has built his business, Timberlane Appraisal, a business he must leave if he wins the election.

He thinks Leon County has a lot at stake, too.

“The property appraiser is responsible for $25 billion in real estate and 50 percent of the Leon County budget,” Lane said.

“Your home is usually your largest investment and Leon County residents want to know their appraiser is qualified and experienced,” he said.

“The property appraiser needs to be very community-focused and have his finger on the pulse of the real estate market. That’s what I’ve been doing for the last 23 years,” Lane said.

Lane’s professional background includes being a licensed and certified property appraiser in the state of Florida, an expert witness on real estate appraisal cases in the Leon County courts, a realtor and past president of the Mortgage Bankers Association. He also has served with many community service organizations.

He sees the position of property appraiser as the next chapter in his real estate career.

“In my mind, everything I have been doing up to this point has prepared me for this role,” he said.

Of his opponent, Akin Akinyemi, a former county commissioner and architect, Lane said, “I respect my opponent’s qualifications as an architect, but this position will require unique property appraisal skills.”

For a profile on Akinyemi click here.

He continued, “The property appraiser appraises property. He has no jurisdiction over what your tax rate will be. I think whoever takes over this job should be experienced and should have qualifications in property appraisal. As a certified appraiser, I have that.”

Lane described the role of property appraiser as managerial but one that also requires leadership.

“Whoever comes into this role needs to be able to lead the 53 people in that office. It needs someone who understands customer service and who understands how to lead people,” he said.

Lane was complimentary of the current property appraisers’ office.

“I have great respect for the Property Appraiser’s office, I always have, and everything they’ve done from the stand point of enhancing technology and keeping up with it. It has some of the best customer service you will ever find. Why wouldn’t anybody want that position, as long as they can maintain that and build upon it?” he said.

“Leon County needs somebody in this role that can go the distance. This isn’t a ‘get in for four years and be done’ type of role. This is a ‘this is my new career’ type of role,” Lane said.

“I want to get in and go the distance and if the voters will have me, I would love to be in there for many years,” he said.

9 Responses to "High Stakes In Property Appraiser Race"

  1. The position is highly technical and requires a career commitment. It should not be a position for a politically ambitious candidate who is just “stopping over” while looking for another office to run for.

  2. As a former 16 year employee of that office and 21 years additional with Florida Department of Revenue Property Tax Administration, I know someone with an appraisal and real estate background is essential for the Property Appraiser’s position. Greg has that background; the other candidate does not.

  3. That’s because he was misquoted Cliff. His material and other articles he’s quoted in use higher numbers. But you’re right. It’s more than $25 million.

  4. I was surprised to see that Greg says that “the Property Appraiser is responsible for $25 million in real estate and 50 percent of the Leon County budget”. Last time I looked Leon County’s property evaluations were substantially higher than that! And, the Leon County budget for 2015-16 was north of $250 million.

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