BREAKING NEWS: Judge Dodson Overruled, First DCA Puts Hold on Maddox Swearing-In

BREAKING NEWS: Judge Dodson Overruled, First DCA Puts Hold on Maddox Swearing-In

This past Friday Judge Dodson ruled City Commissioner Scott Maddox could be sworn in on Monday, November 21st, despite the unresolved residency issue still being addressed in court.

However, in a rare Sunday order, the First DCA wrote that “Mr. Maddox shall not take the oath of office pending further order from this Court.”

The First DCA was responding to a third appeal by Dr. Jackson, which was filed earlier Sunday.

In their order, the First DCA seeks information on a number of issues included in the latest appeal filed by Dr. Jackson. These issues include the date when residency within the City of Tallahassee is required for candidates and the disqualification of Judge Dodson.

Controlling Date for Residency

The City of Tallahassee and Mr. Maddox argue that controlling date for residency is the day of installation of the winning candidate, which in this case would be November 21.

Dr. Jackson argues that the City of Tallahassee Charter requires candidate residency when the election results are certified, which in this case would be August 3oth.

Judge Dodson ruled in favor of Mr. Maddox and the City of Tallahassee on this issue.

An important question on the controlling date of residency is why does this date matter if Mr. Maddox has been a resident since he was first elected in 2012? Also, why is this date so important to the City of Tallahassee?

Disqualification of Judge Dodson

Dr. Jackson, after the First DCA overruled Judge Dodson the second time, filed a motion to disqualify Judge Dodson. The disqualification motion, in part , was based on the First DCA’s finding that Dodson failed to protect Jackson’s due process rights.

Judge Dodson denied the motion in writing without comment and again failed to address the disqualification motion in the hearing held on Friday.

Dr. Jackson argued that case law supports a disqualification when a judge fails to protect due process rights.

8 Responses to "BREAKING NEWS: Judge Dodson Overruled, First DCA Puts Hold on Maddox Swearing-In"

  1. After seeing Dodson rebuked multiple times on the same case by the DCA,the biggest cause of concern for me is… Does this show that the insider network in the city of Tallahassee has encompassed the judiciary? If so everyone that isn’t an insider should be fearful. Maybe someone without any local ties is needed to shine some light here.

    Over the Thanksgiving holiday I think I’ll dig up a copy of Walking Tall (with Joe Don Baker) to refresh my memory of how bad local insiders can get when left unchecked.

  2. Thanks for keeping us up to date!

    This is the very definition of “rigging an election”.

    It can only be done by those in power!

    1. Well, if he ever has to face a recall campaign and loses, he’ll fit right in editing the local newsletter on Magnolia Drive.
      I’m saying “Huh?” on their stories and Op/Eds usually by the second paragraph.

  3. How can a judge take the position of, “I don’t want to hear the evidence, I’m ready to issue my ruling”? Not once, but twice. However, once he has done that, how can he reasonably and fairly refuse a motion to disqualify himself from the case? He has been reversed twice by the higher court. His bias, or competence, is in question. He must disqualify himself. The old saying applies, “When you’re in a hole, quit digging.”

  4. Imagine the numbers of litigants who have left Dodson’s courtroom shaking their head wondering, “Why?” Why did the rule of law not apply? Why didn’t he allow due process? Why did he rule the way he did? Judge Dodson’s actions cast a shadow over all Leon County Circuit court proceedings. Yes, it’s unfair to the many good and decent judges on the bench, but the conduct of this judge is egregious.

  5. Don’t know what to think of this. I know one thing, I would not want to be in Charlie’s shoes. He probably should have recused himself from the case when DCA bounced it back the first time.

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