Trump Carried One of Five Leon County Voting Districts

Trump Carried One of Five Leon County Voting Districts

With the presidential election behind us, the number crunching across the country begins.

TR has tabulated the votes in each of the five Leon County voting districts for the presidential race that featured Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and the US Senate race between Marco Rubio and Patrick Murphy. The tabulation is shown in the table below.

Each of the voting districts represent a specific geographic part of Leon county. To provide context for comparisons, listed below the table is a brief geographic description for each of the five districts and the current Leon County Commissioner that represents each district.

Now the questions?

How well did each candidate do when compared to the number of voters registered in their own political party? Senator Marco Rubio was the only candidate to garner more votes than there were registered voters in his party.

What district provided the closest contest? District 4 provided the closest contest for both races. Both Donald Trump and Marco Rubio carried this district. Trump won District 4 by just less than 2,000 votes and Rubio won by approximately 4,500 votes.

What district was the least competitive? District 1 was the least competitive. Both Clinton and Murphy won District 1 by more than 13,000 votes.

There was a lot of discussion and conjecture before the election about how many Republicans would abstain from voting for Trump due to his unique candidacy. What do the Leon county numbers tell us about this conjecture?

Senator Marco Rubio received about 12% more votes than Donald Trump. In comparison, Clinton received about 6% more votes than Patrick Murphy, Rubio’s opponent.

However, on a percentage basis, Rubio outperformed Trump by the largest margin in District 1, which is dominated by African-American Democrats, not Republicans. More turnout data would need to be reviewed to determine how many Leon Republicans chose not to vote for Donald Trump.


District 1 is represented by County Commissioner Bill Proctor and stretches from parts of Frenchtown through downtown to the southside. District 2 is represented by Jane Sauls and includes the FSU area and stretches out west of Capital Circle. District 3 is represented by John Dailey and includes the Betton Hills and Waverly neighborhoods and extends out North Monroe to cover the northwest part of Leon county. District 4 is represented by Bryan Desloge and stretches out to the northeast past Capital Circle and includes the area between Meridian Road and Miccosukee Road. And District 5 is represented by Kristin Dozier and includes the area east of downtown and south of Mahan.


8 Responses to "Trump Carried One of Five Leon County Voting Districts"

  1. Trump won the district where people work for a living rather than marching on the Capitol and screaming/crying that their free meal ticket is going away. These results tell you everything you should know about why Trump won.

  2. The electorate in Tallahassee, by and large, is composed of students and liberals who vote almost exclusively along democrat party lines. God help a Republican or No Party Affiliate in Leon County; they don’t have a chance to get elected even though they may be vastly more qualified than the democrat opponent. Thank God much of the rest is the country does not share their ideas.

    1. Agree! Point proven by how many people supported Patrick Murphy over Rubio. Can the majority who voted for Murphy even name one reason why they voted “for” him? Did they support him when he was a Republican?

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