Mayor Gillum Ignores Campaign Pledge, Receives over $200K in Annual Salary

Mayor Gillum Ignores Campaign Pledge, Receives over $200K in Annual Salary

Records released last week shows that Mayor Andrew Gillum has ignored a pledge he made during his campaign for Mayor to cut his salary from his full-time job at the People for American Way Foundation.

During Gillum’s run for Mayor of Tallahassee in June 2014, Andy Alcock, then an investigative reporter for WCTV, asked Gillum about his job with the People for American Way Foundation and his potential responsibilities if elected Mayor.

An excerpt from the Alcock report is below:

In addition to serving as city commissioner, Gillum works full time for an organization called People for the American Way Foundation developing young civic leaders.

“I’ve got the greatest job in the world,” Gillum said. “Every day I work developing the next generation of young civic leaders who are trying to make changes in their communities,” he said.

Gillum says if he becomes mayor, he’ll keep but cut back on that job.

Currently Gillum says he’s paid $102,000 a year to work for People for the American Way Foundation in addition to his roughly $37,000 a year job as commissioner.

But, if he’s elected mayor, he says his foundation salary would be cut in half to $51,000.


Gillum coasted to victory in August,2014.

However, recently released documents show Gillum did not “cut back on the job” and did not reduce his salary.

TR obtained the People for the American Way IRS filings that show Gillum was paid $136,007 in 2013, $136,000 in 2014, and 133,204 in 2015.

Gillum’s salary listed in the People for American Way IRS filing coupled with his approximate $76,000 salary as Mayor of Tallahassee means his annual salary is approximately $209,000.

Also, the 2015 filing shows that Gillum worked 40 hours a week as the Director of Youth Leadership during 2015 when he was Mayor of Tallahassee.

These findings raise questions about the Leadership Mayor position which was created with a higher salary to facilitate more responsibilities.

Based on the City of Tallahassee’s website, the leadership Mayor’s “role includes presiding at city commission meetings, serving as the ceremonial head of the government, serving as the official head of the City for civil processes, and executing legal documents. The mayor is also considered the political leader of the government and is involved in dialogues and negotiations with county, state, and federal officials.”

Mayor Gillum and his office have repeatedly refused to answer questions about his salary and responsibilities with the People for American Way Foundation.

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  1. People for the American Way (PFTAW) is a far left organization whose sole function is to identify young socialists/marxists and help them get elected to public office and pay them a salary while there to promote their ’causes’. You can guess what those are. There are two parts to PFTAW… the political organization side and the ‘charity’ side known as the ‘Foundation’. Records show Gillum is paid from the Foundation. If you read his duties at PFTAW, he does no charity work whatsoever. If he were to be paid from the political side, every socialist vote he makes would be a conflict of interest since he is paid by PFTAW to do their bidding. It is no wonder he won’t answer the tough questions about this group.

  2. Imagine this: Had Hillary chosen Gillum as her V.P. and then later won the election, this guy would be in D.C., and safely out of our lives, which would be good. But then, Hillary’s corruption and wrongdoing would ultimately result in a resignation or an impeachment, which would put Gillum in the White House, and sadly, back in our lives. Makes us yearn for the days of Mayor Maddox.

  3. Amend the city charter to prohibit outside employment by any future mayor. It is, after all, supposed to be a full time position.

  4. Since the mayor lied to Andy Alcock in the interview about his 2013 foundation salary (which he understated by $34,000) all other statements should be suspect as well, but it looks like he did cut back his foundation salary in 2015. I guess it depends on what your definition of cut in half is.

  5. All local elections should be non-partisan. As long as races are partisan, there will always be Democrats and Republicans who get elected by the people that don’t know or don’t care who or what they really stand for.

    In other words, people in Leon County will continue to be the ignorant puppets they portray themselves to be in the political process.

  6. Like any good Democrat (and Republicans of old), Gillum understands that campaign promises are simply words uttered to make people “feel” good, while everyone understands that no real action will take place. It really is too bad that the majority of Tallahassee voters don’t care about important issues like are our representatives honest and responsible with our tax dollar spending, and more concerned with creating the impression of being a progressive community. Appearance over truth: standard for the Democrat course.

  7. He is teflon, there is nothing he can do or say that will stick. The Tallahassee Democrat loves him and will continue to be an advocate for him.

  8. People For The American Way is any thing but that.
    It is a front organization heavily supported by
    the likes of socialist george soros, who should have been executed for his crimes against Polish Jews in World War II and who supports everything evil. The goal of People For The American Way is to destroy traditional American values and institutions.

    Gillum has no life experience other than drawing a salary from the government. His abilities are far greater as a community organizer than as mayor. If he is affiliated with this group, his heart, mind and soul are not in the right place. The easy way out to not have to work a real job is to draw a salary from an organization like People For The American Way.


    What is People for the American Way?
    People For the American Way (PFAW) is a progressive advocacy group in the United States. Organized as a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization, PFAW was founded in 1981 by television producer Norman Lear. Lear founded the organization in order to challenge the agenda of the Moral Majority.

    PFAW | People For the American Way
    Conducts research, legal, education, and advocacy for a wide variety of liberal causes. Current issues, news, activist network links, and background information.

    Major donors to PFAW include George Soros’ Open Society Institute, the Miriam G. and Ira D. Wallach Foundation, the Bauman Foundation, and the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund.[8]

      1. From Soros’ wiki page:
        “Later that year at age 14, Soros posed as the Christian godson of an official of the fascist Hungarian government’s Ministry of Agriculture, who himself had a Jewish wife in hiding. On one occasion, rather than leave the 14 year old alone, the official took with him while he inventoried a rich Jewish family’s estate, though Soros did not take part.”

        He’s a self-hating Jew.
        All of which are libtards.

    1. All of those things you mentioned are good things that help people, and it’d help you too but you’re too brainwashed to ever admit it. Do you know how you sound? Like you’re trying to say: hold your breath because beeathing is bad for you, don’t eat when you’re hungry, don’t drink water when your thirsty. You’re trying convince us that those things are bad. As far as him being guilty of killing jews, yeah, just because some dumb twat is spreading fake news on internet, it must be true. NOT! Get out of here, you Russian troll! Go back to Putin and stay there.

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