Leon County Loses Jobs in November, Still Ahead for 2016

Leon County Loses Jobs in November, Still Ahead for 2016

The State of Florida employment report for November shows that Leon County lost 1,169 jobs.   This month’s losses follows seasonal trends. For example, in November 2015 Leon county loss 1,365 jobs and in 2014 approximately 2,278 jobs were lost in November. As the chart below shows, this month’s loss follows two months of gains.

The unemployment rate remained unchanged from last month at 4.6% as the workforce decreased from 152,016 in October to 150,756 in November.

Approximately 2,500 more people were working in November of this year when compared to November of last year. The latest report shows that 143,797 people were employed in November, 2016. There were 141,299 people employed during November of last year.

At the state-level, Florida gained jobs (18,000) in November and the workforce expanded. The unemployment rate decreased from 4.9% in October to 4.8% in November.

The chart below shows the monthly number of jobs and also a line tracking the three-month average of people employed.


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  1. Thanks for keeping us updated on this information, it is very interesting and I am glad someone is reporting on this. I can see why the “newspaper” in town won’t report on certain political issues since it goes against their slated beliefs, but I don’t understand why they won’t do more in depth articles that cover this type of information.

    One question, though. In the article you mentioned how November fared the last couple of years, but do you have enough information to show what November looks like in a graph (like the one above) over the last 5-7 or so years? I would be interested in seeing that in future articles you print covering jobs data for various months/quarters.

    Also, in a completely unrelated note, have you considered doing some quarterly articles on Capital City Bank when they announce their quarterly earnings. they may not be a major bank, but they are a publicly traded company headquartered in Tallahassee.

    Thank you for what you do for our community!

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