Jimbo Jackson: Principal, Commissioner

Jimbo Jackson: Principal, Commissioner

TALLAHASSEE — Jimbo Jackson watches the little five-year-old kindergartners scamper through the doors of Ft. Braden School each day and ponders how he can make this a better place for them, not just as the school principal, but also as the newly elected District 2 county commissioner.

“While that’s a huge responsibility, it’s an awesome, awesome experience to have,” he said.

He thinks that by remaining on as school principal while serving on the commission, it will benefit both the district and the commission.

“It is important to continue to have that every day experience with people. Every day I am at the point of touch with our neighbors and know the trials their families are going through and the concerns that they have regarding their roads and utilities and their safety,” he said.

He continued, “I see first-hand and on the front lines what people are going through. I think it will be valuable to be able to carry those concerns to the commission.”

Jackson said that while running for commissioner, he was most surprised in the consistency of citizen concerns.

“Most people across District 2 care about the same things: better lives for their families, safer roads, protection of our natural resources,” he said, “and they care about providing better lives for their children and other generations.”

He said a big part of that is economic development and providing more job opportunities.

“For the most part their concerns are surprisingly similar, whether we were visiting neighborhoods in Woodville or FSU’s campus, or the San Luis or Ft. Braden communities, most of those concerns were similar,” Jackson said.

In response to those concerns, his top priorities are the safety and welfare of citizens, which includes road safety and signage, lighting, signals, and enforceable speed limits.

He supports the widening of Capital Circle and the Woodville Highway, as well as increased law enforcement patrols by the county Sheriff’s office and Tallahassee Police Department.

Jackson said citizens can expect from him, “hard work, sound leadership and a voice for District 2. We will work every day to increase the quality of life not just for district 2, but also for all the residents of Leon County.”                            

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  1. I voted for Commissioner Jackson because the crime in my neighborhood is out of control. The newest drug dealer is much scarier than the previous ones and I never see LCSO patrolling my street. I sent email and even photos to the former Sheriff. We need help.

  2. Having known Commissioner Jackson most of my life I have all the confidence in the world he is a man of his word. I believe he will be a voice of reason on the county commission and work diligently for all the people of Leon County.

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