Elected Officials Support New Approach to Gas Tax, Pilot Study for Mileage Based Fees

Elected Officials Support New Approach to Gas Tax, Pilot Study for Mileage Based Fees

On January 17,2017, the Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency (CRTPA) held a meeting at City Hall and voted to adopt the statewide policy initiates of the Florida Metropolitan Planning Organization Advisory Council (MPOAC).

MPOAC is a statewide transportation planning and policy organization created by the Florida Legislature pursuant to Section 339.175(11), Florida Statutes. The organization is made up of a Governing Board (27 members) consisting of local elected officials from each of the MPOs.

The MPO for Tallahassee region is called the Capital Region Transportation Plannning Agency (CRTPA). Current members from Leon County include County Commissioners Kristen Dozier, John Dailey, and Nick Maddox and City Commissioners Scott Maddox, Curtis Richardson and Nancy Miller.

One of the purposes of the MPOAC is to develop legislative priorities that are supported by the MPO’s.

While voting to support the full slate of MPOAC recommended legislative priorities, officials singled out two priorities for special consideration and distanced themselves from another.

First, the CRTPA wanted to emphasize the need to tie local fuel taxes to the consumer price index as a way for local governments to collect more transportation revenues when the cost of goods increase.

And second, the CRTPA placed priority on state legislation that “regulates distracted driving as a primary offense by prohibiting the use of electronic wireless communications devices and other similar distracting devices while operating a moving motor vehicle.”

The MPOAC list of priorities also included a controversial provision which seeks legislation directing the Florida Department of Transportation to develop a plan and conduct one or more pilot tests to move Florida toward a Mileage Based User Fee, which protects individual privacy, in lieu of the traditional fuel tax.

Recognizing the controversy generated with support of this provision last year, see our report here, officials still voted for the priority but made an effort to distance themselves from the proposal.

City Commissioner Scott Maddox said that “just because we vote to support the full slate of priorities for a state organization does not mean we agree with all of them.”

The full list of MPOAC state legislative proposals can seen here.

9 Responses to "Elected Officials Support New Approach to Gas Tax, Pilot Study for Mileage Based Fees"

  1. They could install a monitor in my car but they will need a court order to do so. Then I will disable it. This is a dumb, money grubbing concept, like those traffic light cameras. Because it’s possible, that doesn’t make it right. Are they planning to reduce the gas tax? Just kidding.

  2. Liberals have never seen a tax they did not like and think higher taxation leads to an improved economy. It is all about power.

  3. I know how to get rid of our tax-and-spend politicians.
    Impose a tax on stupidity.
    They’ll all be broke from having to pay it, and won’t have any money left to run for reelection.

    1. Depends on what your definition of stupidity is…so be careful what you ask for. NEVER suggest a new tax for anything, because they may run with it.

      If the politicians get to define it, they’ll proclaim those that don’t agree with them stupid…then we’ll be funding even more of their shennanigans.

  4. Scott Maddox needs to understand the definitions of support and agree.
    SUPPORT: give assistance to, especially financially; enable to function or act.
    AGREE: consent to do something that has been suggested by another person

    So tell us Commissioners, do the votes agree to give financial assistance in support of the priorities?

    Damn politicians. Do they even listen to what they are saying? They just continue talk out of both sides of their mouths at the same time, or as my ancestors would say, they speak with a forked tongue.

    And for the record: A FORKED TONGUE is a tongue split into two distinct tines at the tip; this is a feature common to many species of reptiles.

  5. When I raised this issue during my campaign, and despite being presented with official documents supporting my claim, Commissioner Richardson claimed the City had no interest in a mileage-based fuel tax. The other local paper called my claim a “red-herring.” I predict this tax will happen, and Richardson and the other paper should be red-faced.

    Here’s an excerpt from my campaign Facebook page dated June 22, 2016:

    My opponent wants to tax you for driving!

    He likes taxes, and he tried numerous times to raise your property taxes by 27%. And he supports the new proposed budget that will increase taxes and spending even more. Although the budget will increase by several million dollars due to rising property values, he opposes returning your money to you. He’ll spend every single penny!

    Now, as the Chair of the Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency (CRPTA), his number one legislative priority is to impose a Mileage Based User Fee.

    You can view the CRPTA site at http://www.crtpa.org/, see the photo identifying him as the Chair, and read the legislative priorities at http://www.crtpa.org/files/110726318.pdf.

    Despite this information, he’s publicly denied any knowledge of the Mileage Based User Fee.

    It’s outrageous and offensive that he would even consider taxing us for driving to work, church, daycare, the grocery store, your doctor…everywhere. And it will kill jobs by adding another tax on businesses.

    1. Shocked I am, Mr. Hougland, that we would be taxed for driving. No such thing as a gas tax, right? No such thing as tolls, right? Actually does it not make sense that those who use the roads actually pay more?

      1. Yes, of course those who use the roads should help pay for them. That’s why you pay a tax when you buy gas. Google how Oregon does this with a GPS enabled app that tracks your mileage. And how would this work for those who do not live in Tally/Leon? The City and County do not have the authority to enforce ordinances beyond its borders. What about fuel for recreational vehicles (boats, atvs), mowers? Will we pay a gas tax and a mileage tax?

        A mileage-based gas tax is a bad idea that at least one study suggests is highly unfavorable with residents. That’s probably why Commissioner Richardson lied about his support for the idea during the campaign and why the other local paper ran cover for him.

  6. It appears that the City Commissioners (and the mayor) have had things their own way for so long that they’re assuming Tallahassee’s citizens will take everything they dish out, including their incessant pursuit of finding new ways to impose and raise local taxes.

    Since the subject of the story involves driving, the City of Tallahassee, in yet another effort to wring more money from the citizens, may soon create a new driving trend: Driving Tallahassee residents away from Tallahassee to other cities and areas. Let the commissioners see how their tax revenues fare with a declining population.

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