Mayor Andrew Gillum Re-Tweets Van Jones’ Support for #Resistance

Mayor Andrew Gillum Re-Tweets Van Jones’ Support for #Resistance

Tallahassee Reports has learned that Mayor Andrew Gillum re-tweeted a message by Van Jones, former Obama administration official, which characterized the Trump presidency as a “would-be authoritarian regime” and offered support for a #resistance movement.

The Gillum re-tweet is shown below.


Also, the resistance hash tag (#Resistance) which has become the symbol for those opposing the Trump Administration and was displayed hours prior to the violent demonstrations that took place in Berkeley, California this week.

Shown below is a tweet from a reporter at the demonstrations.


Van Jones has been a controversial political figure for years. He was forced out of the Obama administration in 2009 for controversial statements.

Politico reported at the time that the resignation was in part due to “his past affiliation with the 9/11 conspiracy “truthers” and for calling Republicans “a**holes”” in a video before he was appointed to the Obama administration.

In addition, Politico reported that “Jones’ roots in radical politics, and a spate of newly surfaced links ….. documenting his advocacy for convicted cop killer and former Black Panther Mumia Abu Jamal — a death row prisoner who many in the activist left view as an unjustly convicted political prisoner” was a mitigating factor in his departure.

Van Jones also made news after Trump was elected by saying “This was a white-lash against a changing country.”

Leon County GOP Chair Evan Power has asked Mayor Gillum to clarify his position on the resistance movement and to “denounce the resist movement and the violence we have seen at the inauguration, an airport protest, and now at Berkely.”

Gillum’s re-tweet of Van Jones support of the resistance movement comes after Gillum’s public criticisms of Florida Governor Rick Scott over the Syrian refugee issue, and more recently, a public fight with the Florida Legislature over gun laws.

Mayor Gillum is seen by many political analysts as a potential candidate for Florida Governor in 2018.

22 Responses to "Mayor Andrew Gillum Re-Tweets Van Jones’ Support for #Resistance"

  1. Seems to me that this action indicates it’s time for Gillum to go. All of these anti-American movements like Resist and Black Lives Matter are communist front organizations funded by globalist George Soros.

  2. Van Jones (a card-carrying communist) is now saying it’s a pro-democracy v authoritarian thing? I’m confused. Which one do they want us to unite around?

  3. Gillum is determined to make a bigger name for himself among the hard-leftists now rioting since they lost the 2016 election.
    The Democrats (an increasingly hard-left, party of radicals) are realizing that they probably have no way to regain power by political means for years, so they are resorting to illegal and violent means to destabilize America.
    A pure example is Van Jones, who is trying to start an overthrow of the Trump Administration by any means necessary, egging on the violent protesters.
    Gillum is just jumping on Van Jones’ bandwagon to call attention to himself. Further, Gillum will deliberately bring more illegals and Syrian “refugees” to Tallahassee in open defiance of Governor Scott.

    Hopefully Gov. Scott will see the recent example set by Texas Gov. Abbott, who just pulled all state funds from Travis County, where the sheriff instituted a “sanctuary city” policy. Couple that with Trump soon revoking all Federal Funds from sanctuary cities, and Tallahassee may soon have a very hard financial penalty to pay for the mayor’s radical politics.

  4. Not to worry, liberal lawyer, John Morgan, and liberal mayor, Andy Gillum, will cancel each other out in the run for governor.

  5. Dude is driven by self ambition and arrogance – necessary qualities for an aspiring mouthpiece for failed the socialist and collectivist ideas which have proven time and time again to be untenable.

  6. If Gillum refuses to address this before the next meeting that is open to the public, then we should show up in mass and demand he provide a simple “yes” or “no” answer to the question…

  7. I think this is stretching. Let’s stick to real evidence. Gillum does plenty wrong in his actual job without having to attack him for retweets.

  8. Gillum is a liberal elitist fool.
    Trump is the best president we have had in a very long time so let the man do his job I didn’t support Obama but I just sat back to see what he could do and we saw all right and now you are supporting riots in the streets because your candidate didn’t win get over it and concentrate on your job and let the man do his……

  9. If there is ever a riot at FSU like the one in Berkeley, the *right* media will have a field day linking this buffoon to the violence. Keep it up.

  10. Is this Mayor Gillium
    A community organizer??
    I was interested to moving to Tallahassee.
    No chance of that with these Local Politics.

    1. Yeah, I would suggest a county of area with a substantially less potent and overreaching local government. These clowns are tyrant planners to the maximum level.

  11. Hey Andy: going even harder left than you already are isn’t going to even remotely get you close to winning a state wide race. That stuff works with the little blue island of Tallahassee, but nowhere in big red Florida.

    1. BIGLY true!
      Gillum is like a gnat on the voter’s arm; only a matter of time before he’s swatted and flicked into the dustbin of ignored history.

      Go ahead, triple down on stupid, Soros acolyte. Make it easier for us.

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