RAA Teacher Facing Criticism Over Discussing a White Supremacy Theory in Language Arts Class

RAA Teacher Facing Criticism Over Discussing a White Supremacy Theory in Language Arts Class

A RAA middle school language arts teacher is facing criticism over an article distributed in her class about a controversial white supremacy theory.

Several sources also said the teacher told her students they were welcome to come to her classroom if they chose to walk out of a class showing the inauguration of Donald Trump as president of the United States.

TR has been told that Superintendent Rocky Hanna is aware of the situation and is gathering information to determine how best to proceed.

TR is withholding the teachers name until an evaluation by the Leon County School District is complete.

The article distributed in the class was written by Rev Dr. Susan K. Smith and is titled Whites and the Fear Caused by White Supremacy. The article was published by Huffington Post on December 29, 2015.

The article is a summary of a presentation made by Joy DeGruy, Ph.D. about her book, “Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing.”

Dr. DeGruy’s theory, outlined in her book and the article, is about how slavery and white supremacy explains the conditions of black America.

A passage from the article reads:

White people do not want to admit that their racism, the reason people are taking to the streets, is because the power wielded by a racist government has been devastating to black people.

Another passage:

What would happen if this nation would admit that white supremacy exists and that it has traumatized an entire race of people? What would happen if America engaged in a process of truth and reconciliation, much like South Africa did? South Africa admitted its horrid racism; Germany admitted hers, but America has never admitted anything. And perhaps that is, at least, part of the reason that the malady affecting white America is fear.

A parent, who first appeared on the The Voice of Freedom Today morning show last week, told TR that her son was clearly uncomfortable about the article which was read in his language arts class.

The parent initially contacted the school, however administrators said they saw no problem with the discussion. Subsequently, the parent was told the teacher apologized for the incident.

TR’s discussion with people familiar with the situation said there are two issues.

First, why was such an article selected by the teacher for distribution in a language arts class?

And second, it appears there was no attempt by the language arts teacher to offer an opposing view, or at least a critique of the position discussed in the article.

A critique of the DeGruy’s theory was easily found by TR with a simple google search.

For example, Peter Wood, president of the National Association of Scholars wrote, DeGruy’s  “theory stumbles in offing too wide an explanation. It is too wide because the vast majority of descendants of black slaves do not exhibit Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome. They lead normal, healthy, and productive lives, and have no more depression and hopelessness than anyone else.”

TR will report on the findings by the Leon County School District when they become available.

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  1. I want to know if Ms. Hock is facing the same criticism for “making” students write something positive about President Trump during the Inauguration. I doubt it because the world is equal now and everything is perfect in the world of Education! Besides, only the parent without custody of the child goes to the radio station for attention. While the other parents with custody talk to the teacher. Sad either way.

  2. Nothing new. The universities are full of this. In other states, i.e. California the indoctrination has been going on for while in elementary schools. Someone who would send their children to public schools, and can afford to send them elsewhere, are clueless.

  3. I am no fan of Malcolm X and given his life and opinions, I really do not think Mrs. Fisher should have his quotes on her school web page either. But that is just me.

    1. This teacher is being ‘slandered.” This story is not true. A race war is what Tallahassee Reports has started. Luckily we know that the other teachers at Raa have referred to that teacher as “uppity” in 2017. There was also a Rush Limbaugh article but that’s not mentioned. Sounds like picking on that teacher is your goal.

  4. Here’s the facts: I’m white and no matter how many black friends I have. No matter how nice and polite I try to be to all minorities. No matter how many thank you’s and doors I hold open or opportunities I try and create or help a black person with I will continue to be insulted by someone in the black and minority community who will indicatively call me a racist.

    So, why bother? Why keep trying to show that I am a human being just like everyone else and we should all treat each other with the same level of respect? Because no matter what anyone thinks, I was born and taught to respect my fellow man. And who taught me this above all?….my Creator, God Himself, and it is He, not man, that I will answer to one day.

    1. and this is exactly why all the bone-heads spouting nonsense about white privilege and how much the history of slavery is STILL hurting blacks are FAILING big time. Blacks have every opportunity as anyone else in this country – but you do have to be willing to finish school and WORK to achieve your goals. Instead many are being taught they are victims & cannot succeed in this country JUST because they are black. It really is shameful, and as Mr. Curious pointed out – the ones causing all of this division, hostility & now even violence WILL answer to God Himself. Amen!

  5. I don’t understand what the problem is here! I mean one day the students was going to hear about this topic anyways. This will forever be a trending topic in our society so it’s best the students learn about this topic early on.

    1. it would be a sad thing indeed if “this will forever be a trending topic in our society”. History is history – sure you should LEARN from it. But no one alive today in our country was ever a slave (in this country), or owned a slave. Blacks have every opportunity as everyone else, they just have to stop blaming everyone else, and the fact that they ARE black for their failures. If you finish school, get a job and wait until you do both of those things first, to have children, you can achieve ANY dream you have, regardless of your ethnicity or color. That is the truth in today’s America, and it really is sad that the black community is being held back, so often by their own so-called leaders.

  6. Racism is still in the news, and probably will always be, because it is perhaps the greatest tool ever to easily divide a society for political purposes.

    “I’m sorry young African-American students, due to white privilege you will likely never rise to the level of business tycoon, senator or President of the United States…uhh, I mean…”

    1. no John C – it’s just in the news cause all the black men you’re scared of are locked up. how many black people do you know that make less than 40K and don’t work for you / rely on you in some way? oh none – that’s right.

      1. I’m a bit confused by your comment, but suffice it to say I’m not scared by black men. In fact, I like to work with (nobody works for me) black men because I have found they often have a better sense of humor and less annoying ego and political hang ups than white dudes. Sorry if this doesn’t fit your stereotype of me.

        Most black men I know here in the south just want to raise their families and be left alone by the government- just like me.

  7. Of course Stanley. Attack. Distract. Bloviate. Whatever you do, don’t discuss the issue. Hey Stanley, I’ve got news for you: a huge and vast majority of the white folks are past racism. Maybe it’s time for you to move on. And this teacher.

    1. Wow you don’t even know me, and to call me a racist is really low. My best friend is white, and his name is Steve Stewart!

      Real racist hide their true feelings and real names when they post on social media. I’m real about my views!

      1. Ok. I can see no possible way that my response could be interpreted as calling you a racist Stanley, but I’m not a bit surprised that you took it that way. Or that you called me a racist. Let me try again.

        Stanley: I just don’t see the racism among white folks that was more prevalent decades ago. We are past it. Now, I’m asking that folks such as you and this teacher stop seeing white racism around every corner and under every rock. It just isn’t there. In other words, it’s time to cut the victim whining and racial bomb-throwing.

        Can you hear me now?

        I bet you don’t.

    2. dirk dynamic: ‘white folks are past racism’ – thanks captain obvious! the whole point of the conversation #DERP

  8. Wow… I want to see where this goes? TR currently don’t have any African Americans or minorities on staff… Its going to be challenging for the non minority publication to be objective. A weakness that needs to be addressed by TR. Happy Black History Month where other media outlets finds POSITIVE Black History facts and moments. Not TR… Have you no shame?

    1. Ok, now you’ve shown your moronic tone. So let me get this straight, because TR does not have any minorities on staff they can’t be objective? Wow is right! Who is being the bigot now? So is the same true for minority only publications who do not have any whites on staff to be objective about minority issues?

      And that’s not enough said, so I’ll wait for your response. How contemptuous you are!

    2. It just may be that TR hires the most qualified, that is individuals who have decent command of the English language AND will actually report the NEWS: who, what, when, where, how etc. Have you read any of the other “News” sources in town? The lack of even correct spelling is alarming, even in HEADLINES.

      Here’s another idea: perhaps TR has hired some minorities (I doubt many around here were actually born in Africa….., let’s call them more correctly blacks), and these employees either would not or could not do the job. There are all kinds of explanations other than your narrow minded thinking.

  9. “What would happen if this nation would admit that the Democrats supported slavery and that it was the Republicans that fought to free an entire race of people?”

    1. they’d then ask why Republicans stopped fighting and see that the slave support became Rep. when Dems signed the civil rights bill. here’s you’re cookie for something your great great great grandpappy probably had nothing to do with. crybaby.

      1. I have to assume that you do not know how much democrat opposition there was to the civil rights bill. I have to assume that you do not know who the late Senator Robert Byrd was. You may want to hang onto those cookies.

  10. As a parent with kids in 3 separate Leon schools, I want to know if any other ‘teachers’ shared this ‘material’ in the class. Who approved this needs to be looked at as well.

  11. This is what should be discussed.

    Jihad Report
    Jan 28, 2017 –
    Feb 03, 2017

    Attacks 40
    Killed 161
    Injured 121
    Suicide Blasts 4
    Countries 16

  12. It would be more prudent for teachers to teach the subjects they are trained in, and more knowledgeable in, and eliminate the liberal progressive ideas of their ideologies, then maybe the children in public schools would learn more and pass more of the academic achievement tests they need to in order to gain entrance into good colleges and universities. Instead, teachers of this ilk only want to promote hatred among the young developing minds in schools toward their fellow human beings. It would be so much better if teachers would teach good values and morals, but mainly teach the subjects they are being paid to teach the children by our tax dollars.

      1. Sorry Mr. Sims, I don’t think you said enough. Matter of fact, I’m not following your ideology of your comment. Care to explain further?

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