Mayor Gillum Mixed Campaign Logo with City Business Email

Mayor Gillum Mixed Campaign Logo with City Business Email

Tallahassee Reports has learned that three local Democrats -Loranne Ausley, Gwen Graham, and Andrew Gillum – used the same NGP VAN software for their political campaigns that was recently purchased by the Mayor’s Office.

A review of campaign reports show that in 2012, then City Commissioner Andrew Gillum, spent approximately $6,600 with NGP VAN.

TR also obtained campaign emails sent by Ausley and Graham that references the NGP VAN software.

The Mayor’s Office, which spent $5,000 of City revenue on the NGP VAN software, said the software is not being used for campaign purposes.

However, TR has been provided an email sent in August 2015 through the NGP VAN software by Mayor Gillum that contains his old campaign logo, but is signed “Office of the Mayor of Tallahassee.” The email is shown at the end of this report.

TR was told by a campaign veteran that this an indication that Mayor Gillum is using campaign email templates stored in the NGP VAN software while conducting City of Tallahassee business.

And finally, TR has interviewed people that have received emails from the Office of Mayor Andrew Gillum that used the “” sourcing shown below.


These people told TR they did not request to be included in the email blast and do not know how Mayor Gillum obtained their email addresses.

These findings raise several new questions.

Are these email addresses being stored in NGP VAN campaign software?

Are the email addresses being shared among Democratic candidates who use the NGP VAN software?

Did the City of Tallahassee provide the email addresses stored in their email notification system to Mayor Gillum without the consent of the owners of the emails?

TR will continue to investigate.






7 Responses to "Mayor Gillum Mixed Campaign Logo with City Business Email"

  1. If he is charged with a crime for this and ends up being convicted, I think he should have to report to a facility in Walton County.

    Poetic Justice.

  2. TR, THANK YOU for your investigative reporting and pointing lights where Gillum and the City Commissioners would definitely prefer darkness. In years past, the Downtown Cabal operated in relative secrecy, but since TR began, the corruption is daily documented and published for all to see. Keep up the good work!

    And Mr. Gillum, you should also keep doing what you’re doing.
    “Give a fool enough rope, and sooner or later they’ll hang themselves.”

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