Congressman Dunn Meets with ACA Supporters on Tallahassee Visit

Congressman Dunn Meets with ACA Supporters on Tallahassee Visit

During the first US Congressional recess of the year, Florida District-2 Representative Dr. Neal Dunn met with supporters of the Affordable Care Act during his visit to Tallahassee on Thursday, February 23rd, 2017.

Dunn was in town for the opening of the VA Clinic. Dunn said, “It was an honor to take part in the opening of the new VA health care facility in Tallahassee. My hope is that the opening of this facility and the dedication of the men and women who will serve our veterans here in Tallahassee represent a positive step toward fulfilling our nation’s promise to our vets.”

The ACA meeting was set up at the request of Tallahassee citizens who are concerned about the current GOP plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

After the meeting, one of the participants of the meeting asked Dunn to meet with protesters gathered in front of City Hall. Dunn declined.

Despite his meeting with proponents of the ACA, the Tallahassee Democrat chose to focus on Dunn’s decision not to meet with the 60 protesters. The Tallahassee Democrat published two stories that painted Dunn as being non-responsive.

Based on reports from around the US, Dunn and other Republicans are not willing to appear before constituents who want to create staged news stories of protesters yelling at elected officials.

Ironically, Dunn addressed one of the major concerns voiced by supporters of the ACA.

Dunn said, “our plan will lower the cost of health care and expand access for all. There will be a managed transition with no gaps in coverage. Those with pre-existing conditions will have the peace of mind of knowing they cannot be denied coverage.”

During the recess Dr. Dunn also visited Apalachicola to answer questions about the ongoing battle between Georgia, Alabama and Florida over water flows.

Dunn said, “I visited Apalachicola to announce the latest chapter in the fight for our fair share of water from the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin. I introduced legislation that will nullify an unfair Washington regulation that does real harm to our state. As elected officials, we owe it to the families and fishermen who live and work here to do everything we can to fight for their livelihoods, their communities, and their environment.”

7 Responses to "Congressman Dunn Meets with ACA Supporters on Tallahassee Visit"

  1. Congressman, if you are willing to vote for the abomination that your caucus has put forth as the “replacement” for the ACA, then you and they will prove that you are totally in the pocket of the for profit health insurance industry. It’s disgusting that the rhetoric trashing “Government in your healthcare will come to an end” keeps getting used, when so many countries around the world, INCLUDING some 3rd world countries have single payer healthcare for ALL of their citizens!
    When will the Republicans stop showing that they are the party of the rich and Caucasian population of this country, and start representing ALL Americans?

    1. Tell ya what Richard Y., how about before you start trashing someone you give it time. I’m so disgusted at the fact that people support Obamacare when people like Pelosi said “we have to pass it to see what’s in it” and now you people want answers like yesterday.

      You all are a joke! I am not a huge fan right this second, but I’m willing to give our Congress some time to “get it right” this time. And by the way, not everyone will agree with it no matter how it comes out. So can we give them the 200 days that Ryan stated it would take before we all pass judgement. Or, shall we just tar and feather everyone now. SMH

    2. Richard: you probably thought Pelosi was a genius to want to pass Obamacare so they could “see what’s in it”. Your thinking we should pattern our health care after 3rd world countries also give us insight to your thinking. Take a breath and let the new Congress work; give them time to pass a good bill – one that everyone WILL know what’s in it.

  2. I think I saw this on the news, but it could have been any town USA. It all looks the same with a small number of people screaming at their elected official over the doomed ACA. It was anything but polite.

  3. People who met with Dr. Dunn came out of their short meeting to report to about 60 people who waited outside, hoping to see their congressman. The ones who had actually seen him were not happy about what he told them, and they wanted him to talk to the larger crowd outside. I was in the larger crowd of people who had been refused requests to meet with him. We had no intention of shouting at him until it was clear he would not give us even five minutes. Then we chanted things like “come out to see us.” If he had, we would have asked questions politely and listened to his answers. From what we had been told about his comments, he doesn’t know much about the bill his party is preparing, but he supports it anyway.

  4. It’s a shame he’s too scared to meet in a public setting, who knows what he said privately. We have to hold these people accountable and get their statements recorded so they’ll have to explain themselves when they flip their opinions in the next election.

  5. I have to commend him for meeting with Obamacare supporters in private, while refusing to give the media what they wanted…a photo op just to show protesters shouting him down. Very shrewd. Other republicans could learn from this, and ignore the MSM.

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