Gillum Complaint Filed by Retired Law Enforcement Officer

Gillum Complaint Filed by Retired Law Enforcement Officer

TALLAHASSEE — State Attorney Jack Campbell has launched an investigation into the alleged actions of the Tallahassee Mayor after receiving a complaint letter from a retired Jefferson County law enforcement officer and investigator.

Read letter here.

In his letter, dated March 2, Paul Henry, who said he is also a member of the Jefferson County Grand Jury,  requested a Leon County Grand Jury investigate Mayor Andrew Gillum for allegedly purchasing “several thousands of dollars of political software via public funds” and possibly committing grand theft under Florida Statute (FS) 812.014 and official misconduct under FS 838.022

He said, “Andrew Gillum, in his capacity as Mayor of the City of Tallahassee, a public servant, did violate FS 812.014 (2)(c) “Grand Theft” and FS 838.022 “Official Misconduct” by using at least $3,915 of public funds to obtain personal benefit, to-wit political campaign software and falsified the justification for said software.”

“In doing so,” he continued, “Gillum deprived taxpayers of their right to this property (money) for no lawful purpose, and appropriated it for his own use.”

Henry also wrote “Gillum had evidenced guilty knowledge in the matter by acknowledging the misuse of the money and offering to repay it.”

He also conducted an online public records search of purchases to the NGP Van software and included his findings in his letter.

This letter was forwarded by Campbell to Leon County Sheriff Walt McNeil, who’s office will conduct the investigation.

On February 23, Tallahassee Reports broke the story that Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum had allegedly spent approximately $5,000 in city funds to purchase software from democrat campaign vendor, NGP VAN. That software was allegedly used in campaign email for Gillum in which he mixed “Office of the Mayor” letterhead with his campaign correspondence.

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  1. This only came to light because he has a good chance of beating RICK SCOTT and because he’s black and a FAMU Rattler! This bullcrap ass story is to stop a bigger and better plan!

  2. I’m very disappointed to hear Sheriff McNeil will be conducting the investigation of Gillum. This examination needs to be from an outside, state-run law entity rather than any city-affiliated agency. Somehow I doubt the Sheriff’s investigation will result in any more than a wink and a cursory-but-meaningless slap on the wrist.

    However, one can hope – and mine is that Mr. Gillum will find that he has torpedoed not just his fledgling gubernatorial campaign, but his entire political career also. Hopefully, Gillum’s hard-leftist obama-wanna-be, Van-Jones-clone dreams will never come true, and his local career will be as well.

  3. Good letter that accurately spells it out!

    I believe FDLE would be the better entity to investigate as I see conflicts of interest with McNeil/LCSO/Gillum.

    #1 Any local entity is too close for comfort.

    #2 Sheriff McNeil was the prior chief of TPD which is part of the City of Tallahassee.

    #3 McNeil and Gillum have a common political campaign advisor/friend (Sean Pittman). What if Pittman advised Gillum on this incident? The political associations between NcNeil and Gillum are a conflict.

    #4 I believe FDLE would be better equipped to forensically do a data/IT/computer investigation. I believe all the commissioners emails and the entire city’s system should be investigated for contamination, breaches, etc.

    Who was responsible for deciding which entity did the investigation?

    1. Your last question would make a great subject for a new story on this controversy. I too believe that it should be investigated by FDLE to avoid the obvious conflicts of interest.
      Daniel’s denial right before TR’s presentation of irrefutable evidence tells me they knew what they were doing all along.

  4. Excellent investigative reporting – no one else has provided a copy of Mr Henry or Mr Campbell’s letters. Good going TR!

    Mis-appropriation and grand theft of government funds for the software purchase and use of his and one or more COT employees time in sending out over 60 emails for his personal benefit!

  5. The expenditure of public funds for a personal benefit is a crime AND an ethical violation. An admission and apology don’t change that fact or establish a defense. We know the ethical standards of our mayor, now we’re going to see what our new sheriff is made of.

  6. I get the grand theft, but we can’t dismiss the misconduct of office by using the office of the mayor for personal purposes. How do you pay that back?

  7. Do you really think McNeil is going to find wrongdoing on the part of one of his homeboys? Nah, me neither.

    1. Exactly, McNeil used to work for the City. Was he still there when Gillum was first elected? If so, major conflict of interest…typical in this town, though.

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