Mayor Gillum Meets with Residents Opposed to Killearn Country Club Development

Mayor Gillum Meets with Residents Opposed to Killearn Country Club Development

Killearn residents opposed to the redevelopment of the “North Nine” proposal put forward by Killearn Country Club owner Barton Tuck, met with Mayor Andrew Gillum on Wednesday night.

The meeting was attended by approximately 30 people and took place in a home that is on the “North Nine” golf course that Mr. Tuck is seeking to be rezoned. The rezoning, if approved, would allow for a residential development with approximately 10 units per acre.

The City Commission is scheduled to vote on the rezoning application on April 4. The Planning Commission voted earlier to recommend denial.

Mayor Gillum tweeted:

TY to #Killearn residents for inviting us to an important neighborhood discussion tonight & for making your voices heard!


The Gillum meeting follows a similar get-together with Commissioner Gil Ziffer. A future meeting is planned with City Commissioner Curtis Richardson.

City Commissioners are being lobbied hard over the controversial re-development proposal by both sides of the issue.

Sources tell Tallahassee Reports that City Commissioners do not look forward to the vote and are hoping for a negotiation between the parties that will make a decision less controversial.

Tallahassee Reports confirmed today that talks between the Killearn Home Owners Association are continuing with Mr. Tuck, but no details about the discussions were available.

However, there appears to be no discussion taking place between Mr. Tuck and the Killearn Estates residents most affected by the redevelopment proposal.

7 Responses to "Mayor Gillum Meets with Residents Opposed to Killearn Country Club Development"

  1. FYI the FIRST commissioner to meet with residents was Commissioner Nancy Miller. And the dialogue with all parties continues to this day. Thank you for the article on JT Burnette.

  2. This meeting was arranged based on Mayor Gillum’s desire to hear the people’s cocerns. His gubernatorial race was mentioned once by one attendee letting the Mayor know she supported his candidacy. Mayor Gillum never mentioned it. What he did do was ask one of the supporters of Mr. Tucks’s plan his office had invited why the amendment should be approved. Unfortunately that individual couldn’t think of one reason other than, “it will be good to have open space. Thought the closed golf course is ALREADY open space. Hmmmm . . .

    1. He does not have to mention it, Laurie. The ONLY reason he was there was to make an appearance. “67 counties in 18 months” is his mantra. How does he do that and be Mayor earning $72,000 plus per year as Mayor? The answer is he doesn’t. This was a campaign stop. Killearn Estates should deannex from the City. Things will improve quickly.

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