Report Shows Leon County Loses Jobs in January, Unemployment Rate Heads Up

The State of Florida employment report for January shows that Leon County loss 425 jobs.  This month’s loss follows job losses in November and December. This downward trend is consistent with seasonal variations.

The unemployment rate increased from from 4.3% in December to 5.1% in January. This increase was due in part to an increase in the workforce.

The good news from the report is that approximately 4,800 more people were working in January of this year when compared to January of last year. The latest report shows that 144,465 people were employed in January, 2017. This a 3.4% increase over the 139,665 people employed during January of last year.

At the state-level, Florida gained jobs (11,605) in January. However, the unemployment rate increased from 4.7% in December to 5.2% in January.

The chart below shows the monthly number of jobs and also a line tracking the three-month average of people employed.


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