Arbor Crossing at Buck Lake Taking Shape

Arbor Crossing at Buck Lake Taking Shape

TALLAHASSEE – In an area which has seen a lot of growth and change in the last few years, a new apartment community, Arbor Crossing at Buck Lake, is taking shape.

Thirteen acres on Buck Lake Road, next to the Cosco, just off Mahan Drive has been cleared and construction has begun on a 208-unit apartment complex.

“This is an area of Tallahassee where there really are no apartment communities,” said property manager Amber Britt.

Arbor Crossing at Buck Lake is being developed by Arbor Properties, a well-established apartment community developer in Tallahassee, with additional properties in Mississippi and Panama City, Florida. It is the developer’s second largest community.

The new one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments will be available for renters sometime late this summer. Arbor Crossing will offer 24-hour fitness, a pool, WiFi, an E-lounge, dog park, playground, car care center and a walking trail around the property.

What makes Arbor Crossing unique is 40 of those apartments will have attached garages, allowing renters to enter their apartment directly from the garage.

“If you look in Tallahassee there is nowhere that has that option (of an attached garage). You just do not have that in Tallahassee. It’s our biggest selling point,” said Britt.

Brit said, “(Arbor Crossing at Buck Lake) is going to be a great place to live – and absolutely gorgeous. The company is nothing new. It’s been around for some time. Anybody that’s lived in our other properties has loved it and I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t love it here.”

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  1. I agree totally that we need to bury power lines. Can you imagine if the storm was a Cat 2 or 3 or 4? No, those trees were never located by any power lines. I drive by every day and have done so for 20 years. Go look at the site. The power lines are along Buck Lake and along Mahan and not in the site being developed.

    Let’s developed a phased plan for burying power lines under the roadways and medians. Do the major routes: Thomasville, Monroe, Mahan, Apalachee, Miccosukee, and Centerville. That would do the most good for the most people.

  2. Maybe the fact that those trees along Buck Lake almost touched ( threatened during events like Hurricane Hermine) the overhead power lines was a factor ???

    It would be nicer for everyone were those underground — like the power lines inside every Arbor Community .

    1. Yes, the increased traffic is a concern. The lights along Mahan are set up terrible. Hey traffic folks, green lights heading west in the morning and green lights heading west in the afternoon. It really isn’t that difficult.

      1. Bingo, Dirk. I have to drive east in the morning past there, and west around 5-6pm. Those lights are set up to turn red just before you get to them too. VERY annoying. At least on Saturdays, they’re OK (due to no traffic, not intelligent timing.)
        Sure would have liked to see the prices listed on these rentals.

  3. You really mean Arborless Crossing. I am not a tree hugger, but did we really need to take every tree down except for a couple right along Buck Lake near the intersection. What I am wondering is the impact to traffic, especially in the morning and afternoon rush hours. Is Buck Lake and Mahan going to be able to handle several hundred more cars per hour right at the intersection? We will see. Are there contingency plans by the county to fix any mess that develops?

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