Killearn Homeowners Association Signs Agreement with Killearn Country Club Owner

Killearn Homeowners Association Signs Agreement with Killearn Country Club Owner

Through a press release the Killearn Homes Association (KHA) has announced it has approved a settlement agreement with Killearn Country Club (KCC).

KHA states “the agreement results in preserving Killearn Estates as a golf course community” and “prevents the remaining 18 holes of KCC from being redeveloped into residential lots for a minimum of fifty years.”

John Paul Bailey, the President of the KHA, told TR that “the most important part of the agreement is the protection it affords Killearn Estates. We will remain a golf course community for at least fifty years.”

The agreement states that KHA will not oppose the rezoning request currently before the Tallahassee City Commission on the condition that Palmetto (the owner of the country club) meets certain protective and restrictive covenants.

The covenants address the proposed residential development on what were holes 7,8 & 9 of the “North Nine” golf course.

Based on the agreement, the development will consist of 133 homes and 14 townhomes that “shall be substantially similar to the homes located in the Greens of Killearn.”

Tallahassee Reports wrote about this proposed development here.

A layout of the proposed development is shown below:

The covenants also addresses the conservation easement that will be made up of holes 2 thru 6 of the “North Nine.” Palmetto will be the owner of the easement and will be required to maintain the green space.

The agreement says “at all times, the owner of the Conservation Area will be required, and at its sole costs and expense and at no expense of KHA, to maintain the Conservation Area, to keep the existing grass cut no less than every four (4) weeks, or more often if needed to keep the Conservation Area walkable and in an ascetically pleasing condition…”

The agreement also requires Palmetto to place $4,000,000 in escrow to be spent on country club improvements with the “primary focus” on a new clubhouse.

The Timeline

In an exclusive interview, JT Burnette, who signed a contract to purchase and build the residential development on the “North Nine”, described the process that would take place if the City Commission approves the rezoning application on April 4th.

After the vote, applications for various permits will be submitted for the residential development. At the same time, Palmetto will  hire engineers and architects to complete plans for a clubhouse.

After permits are approved and clubhouse plans are completed, an escrow account of $4,000,000 will be set up.

At this point, TR is told the funds will be out of the control of Palmetto and must be spent on the clubhouse improvement.

Permits for the residential development should be in hand by January 1, 2018 and the construction of the infrastructure for the residential development will begin and should be completed in approximately 10 months.

Based on this timing, the first homes would be built by the end of 2018 and the clubhouse construction should be near completion.

Mr. Burnette did tell TR that the timing outlined above could be impacted by a lawsuit that has yet to be resolved.

This report is a summary of the major points of a detailed 30 page agreement. For more details, the agreement can be read here.

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