Steve Adams No Longer at The Edison

Steve Adams No Longer at The Edison

Last month the Tallahassee Democrat reported that The Edison restaurant in Cascades Park had hired Steve Adams to run operations. He was described as a “heavy hitter” and Mr. Adams said the restaurant “is getting back to basics. A simpler menu. Better customer service.”

Approximately six months after moving to Tallahassee from South Carolina to take the job, Tallahassee Reports has confirmed Adams is no longer with The Edison.

Sources say the separation was due to “business and financial reasons.”

A phone call to The Edison revealed that Adams’ was no longer employed by the Edison. TR was referred to Mike Xifaris who preferred not to make a comment on the separation.

Mr. Adams’ had a strong resume and a great reputation in Tallahassee through his previous work in other high profile operations. He was the director of food and beverage for Hunter + Harp Hospitality, which operated Hotel Duval, Shula’s, Level 8,and the Front Porch.

Sources say that after the legislative session restaurant businesses prepare for a slowdown and then brace for the summer doldrums. However, hiring someone with Adams’ experience only to let them go for “business and financial reasons” six months later is not smart planning by the owners.

Last summer The Edison ceased serving lunch for a period of time.

Another source, who did not want to go on the record said, “they brought in one of the best hospitality operators from South Carolina to fix the failing Edison and then let him ago at the end of session. This is not how you treat people.”

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  1. The restaurant was never feasible to operate from Day 1, no matter how much capital the City of Tallahassee infused into the operation. They can bring in anyone they want to manage it and put all the cities reserves into it, but is doomed to failure.

  2. I have read these responses and I have to say this is not right. Why are people who have never owned a restaurant suddenly experts and people who do not know Adam Corey at all, suddenly know everything about him. Adam is someone trying to make it in the business and thought he could hire someone with a lot of experience to run it. Though it hasn’t worked out, yet, these reviews imply he is someone we should detest. I was a restaurant owner, for a brief time and it is a very tough business. I’ve had an encounter with Mr. Corey, which involved money and I can say he lived up to a standard that I have not seen often. I don’t know about the deal with the City so I won’t comment on that. I know Steve Adams who is a great guy but does that make him a good fit for any restaurant? The Front Porch did loose a lot of money, just ask JT.

    1. The issues at the Front Porch had nothing to do with Steve Adams not being “a good fit”and JT would be the first to confirm that. Perhaps you should get your facts straight before insinuating that Mr. Adams bore any responsibility for any loss the FP may have experienced. Like Adam Corey, the primary investor of the FP (not JT), was an extravagant spender trying to impress his buddies with his money, instead of investing in his restaurant. Corey is desperate for money, which is why he fired Steve and brought in this latest investor. This isn’t about business, the best interest of the other investors or the Tallahassee community, this is about Adam Corey doing what’s best for Adam Corey. Bottom line.

    2. The foundation of this was based on a “sweetheart deal” by the mayor as Corey was the mayor’s campaign treasurer. This should have never gone through, but it was blatant corruption that is now catching up with them all. Corey’s partner is Sean Pittman and Pittman was the new sheriff’s campaign person……….which the sheriff is now investigating Mayor Gillum for ANOTHER misuse of funds. The amount that is currently involved in the investigation is a $5,000 theft misuse of taxpayers monies by the mayor – which, I believe, is an amount that qualifies as a felony. The amount involved in the Edison sweetheart deal is $2.5 million (another felony). The only way to clean up this rat hole is to have FDLE investigate them all.

      1. So Sean Pittman(Travellin buddy and campaign manager for Andrew Gillum, campaign manager for Walt McNeil) subcontracts as a lobbyist for Ron Book on behalf of the City of Tallahassee. Ron Book is also the lobbyist for Gannet(the Tallahassee Democrat). Gary Yordon and Sean Pittman are best buddies and even have their own television show on WCTV. Gary Yordon has a regular column in the Tallahassee Democrat. The local editor said a couple of Sundays ago that he ‘likes’ Andrew Gillum. He shouldn’t be ‘liking’ anyone.

        What corruption.

        1. Bingo.
          Except that Gannett has two t’s.

          If you look up “crony capitalism” in Wikipedia, they probably illustrate it with a map of downtown Tallahassee.

          And yet, the same people keep getting re-elected…

  3. Innocent people again become victims of bad politics. I know much better and brighter things are on the horizon for Mr. Adams.

  4. Adams Corey is nothing more than a self-serving, egomaniac
    starved for attention. He has a trail of failed businesses and is notorious for providing no notice his employees when he decides to shutter them. The Edison’s financial problems have been on-going, yet his Facebook page is littered with his frequent travels around the globe. Is anyone questioning who is paying for all of Adams’s playtime?!?

  5. How anyone can not see the Unethical behavior of any City Commissioners who supported this is beyond me. When you need a person or Committee to determine what ethics are it is reasonable to assume you don’t have any. This project(Edison’s) has been a clear reason why our Mayor should not only withdraw from the Gubernatorial race but should resign from holding any public office. Just my .02 worth.

  6. Prior to it opening I publicly argued against the city giving financial support to this business. Furthermore, our mayor’s direct involvement in funneling city cash to his political insiders was unethical but not unexpected. Andrew repaid the taxpayer $5000 for illegally using public funds for his personal use. Is Andrew going to repay the public for the millions lost in this bar! City, stop funding private businesses for political insiders!

  7. Wait until they try to hire a replacement. Anyone who would work for them is not very bright. The end is coming for them.

  8. Reminds me of our so called president, conning everyone. I’ve never eaten there and now I know I never will.

  9. And just think… one of the commissioners that is buddy buddy with one or more of the owners is now running for Governor. I wonder how many sweetheart deals he would make for his friends with state tax payer dollars.

    Hell, he already uses city computer systems, city email and city staffers to do his campaign work for him on tax payer time and equipment….

  10. Gee…what a shocking development. Adams is better off moving on with his reputation intact. This is a classic example of why many of us have been harping on the “insiders” getting to the feed trough of taxpayer money. Go back and look at the coverage of the Edison from its beginning here at TR. I announced repeatedly on my show the number of restaurateurs who laughed at the business projections the Edison used to justify the sweetheart finance deal it go from the City (courtesy of taxpayer money). It was and is a joke. There will be opportunities for new Commissioners in 2018 and I hope to God – I really do – enough people will be motivated to sweep some people out of office.

  11. Ryan Grindler is a sack of shit and doesn’t know how anything about the restaurant business.

  12. I had the good fortune and pleasure of working alongside Steve Adams for five years at Hunter+Harp Hospitality. Steve is a pro.

    If Steve wasn’t the man to remedy whatever might ail the Edison then I don’t know who will. It’s unfortunate Steve’s passion and excitement for this position and a return to the city he loves were not a fit.

    I have all the faith in the world Steve will land well and will be both valued and successful in his next venture.

  13. Not good news. Steve is a great guy. He brought talent and credibility to the struggling enterprise. Bad move by the Edison. Speaks volumes about their character. New name “Last Chance Saloon?”

  14. I have been told Edison Management has made financial promises to its employees and failed to deliver repeatedly. Anything the City manipulates is gonna be a loser. They are retards in the classic sense.

    1. Please choose another word to describe the ineptitude. The “r” word is offensive. You can insult these people without insulting wonderful developmentally disabled citizens.

      1. Buckle up your big girl pants Denise. This story is about graft and corruption at the City and at the Edison. Not your PC snow-flaking.

  15. Sounds like the Mayor is helping oversee the operation. Who’s looking out for Tallahasse while he runs for Governor. Oh yeah he is buddies with the Edison owner.

  16. When it closes the owners believe that they have the contractual rights with the city to sub-lease the building at market value. Meaning their ridiculously LOW Lease payment that they are paying the city will stay in effect while they collect a market lease rate. I.e. For a building of this size a market monthly lease rate would be roughly $15000 per month. They are paying roughly $5000. Which gives them a $10000 per month profit – $120,000 per year!!! If the city allows this – they should all be fired.

  17. So, the betting pool is now open. How much longer this dive will stay open? How much it will cost taxpayers in the end? And will it be a a Starbucks or a biker bar when it’s all said and done?

  18. I still firmly believe that without the support of the local government, the Edison would no longer be open. They have extremely poor service and subpar overpriced food with an incredible location. Sounds to me that even Mr. Adams can’t make chicken soup out of chicken s*#t!

  19. For those who have not figured it out yet, the top shareholders of the Edison are real genius. They have gotten the taxpayers to pay them to take their money and waste it for them. Maybe someone should investigate some of the travels and expenditures made by certain owners. The firing of Mr. Adams is another example of the lack of integrity of the owners/decision makers of the Edison.

    In addition, they are operating a restaurant that cannot serve a decent meal, doesn’t understand customer service, treats their employees poorly, doesn’t pay employees what they promise, has unfair labor practices and won’t pay their bills.

    Politics and business is a conflict of interest. In the real business world, the practices of this business and their connections with the political leaders in Tally would never be tolerated. It is up to the taxpayers of our community to stop this absurd business and political venture.

    If I were a shareholder, I would be looking at the books and getting my money back. As a taxpayer, I will spend my money to support a real business.

  20. Wait, you mean to tell me that these folks have used someone again? Anyone else see a pattern here? Let’s bring in someone with an amazing reputation to give it new hope. That way when we make poor decisions as owners, we can just kick them to the curb and do it all over again. I feel sorry for whoever jumps on the train wreck this year. Better have your resume ready by the end of next years session.

  21. I certainly was not shocked at this. With the failure of 101 and Mint, then opening of Tequila Tribe to only have it close as well, clearly owners/investors have no clue.

    The Edison has gone through 3 catering managers, 1 General Manager, 1 VP Operations and the Managing Partner Chef Minas and now Mr. Adams. Clearly they are having issues. The odds would be astronomical that all the above persons were no good. The only constant is ownership/investors. The Lawyers and Lobyists and others who are in the public eye, but silent investors should really examine their future participation with The Edison.

  22. All you have to do is look at the way this group screwed the taxpayers to know they will screw anyone. They are out for themselves only and that is why I have never been to this restaurant and will never ever go to this restaurant. I know quite a few people that on principal only will not eat here. There are tons of great places to eat in Tally that didn’t take the taxpayers to the cleaners to open their business so they get my 2 to 3 nights out a week money.

  23. Obviously, the greedy looking out for numero uno. Someone in this circle had to have known this was coming. OTHERWISE, there is something missing here. Either way, it’s another reason to not visit the establishment with overpriced meals, poor parking and obviously too much overhead to keep themselves afloat.

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