Three Leon County Officials Endorse Gwen Graham for Governor

Three Leon County Officials Endorse Gwen Graham for Governor

Three Leon County officials are endorsing Gwen Graham for governor.

In a press release, the Graham campaign announced “endorsements from three elected Leon County officials, County Commissioner John Dailey, County Commissioner Kristin Dozier, and Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor Tabitha Frazier.”

“I’m proud to have the support of these local leaders and pledge to work with elected officials on all levels to diversify our economy, invest in our schools and protect our land and water,” Graham said.

Commissioner John Dailey said, “I got to know Gwen while she was working for our local school district. She fought to find common ground and solutions to the challenges we faced, while always putting our children first. She’ll bring that same approach to state government and work with cities and counties to get things done.”

“Gwen understands that to diversify Florida’s economy in the 21st Century, we must start by investing in education, from technical training in middle schools to robust community college programs,” said Commission Kristin Dozier, a graduate of Tallahassee Community College who spearheaded the Domi Station incubator project in Tallahassee. “As governor, Gwen will partner with local leaders to develop job training and create good-paying careers.”

“I’m supporting Gwen because she understands the environmental issues Florida is facing and she genuinely listens to all the people she represents. Before rallying the Florida delegation to save the Apalachicola Bay, she kayaked down the river to see firsthand how diminished water flow hurt the environment and economy of the region. The North Florida farmers I work with as a Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor credit Gwen for taking the time to learn about and work on the issues affecting them on her Workdays and during her Farm Tour,” said Tabitha Frazier.

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  1. Thanks for the details Kristin Dozier. Did you get this quip and approval from Chuck Mitchell the founder of Mad Dog Construction?

  2. I would love Commissioner Dailey to offer specifics on what Gwen did to help the local school district. I know she worked there, but I have been unable to find any staff inside the district who could identify what she actually did or accomplished. Secondly, as I have learned first hand, Gwen finds it difficult to talk with folks who do not share her view of governance. In fact, given the choice she won’t. Granted, she was a moderate during her very brief time in Congress, but she is advocating an extremely illiberal platform as a gubernatorial candidate.

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