By the Numbers: A Tallahassee – Nashville Comparison

By the Numbers: A Tallahassee – Nashville Comparison

This week a group of business and government leaders headed to Nashville, Tennessee on a search for ideas that could translate to Tallahassee and benefit our community.
Below is a table comparing a number of characteristics between Nashville and Tallahassee.

Other than the major difference in population, there are some important comparisons that show variation. First, Tallahassee has a 10% edge on the number of people with at least a Bachelor’s Degree. However, Nashville’s median household income is approximately 20% higher than the median income in Tallahassee. The Tallahassee contingent needs to figure out what explains this difference.

Could the difference be explained by the mix of jobs?

The table shows that Tallahassee has 1.5% advantage in professional jobs, but Nashville has less service jobs than Tallahassee and significantly more jobs in the manufacturing and production employment categories. It would be interesting to know what industries are driving this advantage.


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  1. Okay, when was the trip to Nashville, Tennessee planned? Before or after “Mike Miller” suddenly left without a trace.

    Was the trip based on anything he suggested or said to people during his visits?

    Did it dawn on anyone to look for him or make contact with him or check his developments/LLC company out?

    Cascades in the Park was already basically finished so, was Tallahassee just hoping to let the Music industry know this is where we too are headed in the near future? The mini-me version – that is.

    Was this trip already in the works for a while … so, an imposter might have some how already gained privy to this knowledge? Thus, someone might “say” he was from Nashville, Tennessee to get a shot at some redevelopment opportunities?

    (Or, even free government tax payer money?)

    What is the obsession of Tallahassee criminals with Tennessee … or vice versa really?

  2. I moved from Tallahassee to Nashville in 2014… to me, it honestly feels like being back in Tallahassee… just larger, more entertaining, more jobs, and more expensive. The lifestyle and culture here are nearly identical. I’ve been saying for years that the Tallahassee mall should’ve converted into a shopping center/medical complex, like the One Hundred Oaks Mall here in Nashville. Spend enough time here, and it feels like you never left.

  3. I wonder how any people flew to Nashville from Tallahassee vs. flying there from another city like Jax or PC. I read where some people flew there on a private jet.

  4. I just read the article “Pinning down Tallahassee’s brand” in the Democrat. This is one of the dumbest taxpayer-funded junkets our local “leadership” has ever been on. Why don’t they just go to Paris? When they get home they can make a nice chart comparing the capital of Florida to the capital of France and then start planning their next trip. Of course Gary Yordon’s face was smack dab in the middle of this (despite the fact that he is no longer a public official).

    Tallahassee doesn’t need a brand. Tallahassee needs a better airport and a better newspaper. Tallahassee needs a more welcoming attitude to outsiders in the business community and competitive starting salaries for recent college grads. Tallahassee needs to stop voting for empty suits like Nancy Miller and Andrew Gillum.

    Thanks for letting me rant, TR. You provide a good public service.

    1. Sam Smith, I ageee with you 100% and it does not take a trip to another city to know what Tallahassee short-falls are – ridiculous.

  5. A number of factors need to be considered when comparing the two cities, most of which can be ascertained without traveling to Nashville. First and foremost it is the capital of the country music industry generating $ billions. It also has a large tourism industry; a 2.1 million sq ft convention center to host many large conventions. It has 15 colleges. It has large healthcare corps. It has been a major rail and transportation hub for many years. Three interstates converge in Nashville. As the state capital it of course has many public employees, including a very large amount of federal employees. It also has some major traffic congestion, and transit service is not very visible. I am sure it is a fun place to visit.

    1. Average homestead tax rate for Davidson County Tennessee is 1.000%. Residential property tax is based on the assessed value, which is 25% of the appraised value, and commercial property tax is also based on the assessed value, which is 40% of the total appraised value. Their per capita mileage for Davidson County only has circa 1/25th the number of *tax exempt* land parcels.

      Tennessee has no State income tax.

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