Airport Passenger Traffic Down Slightly in April

Airport Passenger Traffic Down Slightly in April

Since June of last year, the number of passengers moving through the Tallahassee International Airport has been on the increase. The latest information for April 2017 shows a change in that trend.

The numbers show passenger traffic decreased in April when compared to April traffic in 2016. The numbers for March 2017 show a 2.0% decrease in passenger traffic. The number of passengers decreased from 58,593 during last April to 57,413 this year.

The Passenger Traffic Report shows passenger counts for the three major carriers.


The graph below shows the annualized number of passengers for the last 12-months. The annual rate of passengers at TIA in April 721,593. This is 5.84% above the annualized rate reported last year. The annualized number of passengers is calculated by summing the previous 12 months of traffic for each month.Airport517

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  1. Looks like the rise is due to the legislative session. Rather than trying to use the millions from the Blueprint sales tax to attract businesses with small numbers of workers, go get Jet Blue or Southwest. Subsidy! OMG I used a cuss word.

    Encourage the Gov to let his employees travel. Try and get a major company to relocate. Come on that is what you need to do.

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